You on a Diet With Dr Michael Roizen

“You on a Diet with Dr. Michael Roizen” provides an easy plan of action to re-program your body to fight against fat and control weight and waist gain. By understanding how your body’s fat-storing and fat-burning systems work, you’re going to learn how to crack the code on true and lifelong weight and waist management.

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Becky Rose on 07/09/2017 at 8:00 AM.

Very comprehensive and inspiring Dr. Oz starts by explaining what our Omentum is – the fat in our belly. He shows an omentum – a yellow, slimey piece of goo – and it hits home that is what is on top of the waistline. He doesn’t use scare tactics, he’s actually quite friendly and encouraging, but he does tell it like it is.He then moves into the steps that people need to take to lose their omentum and bring their bodies into the most efficient machines that they can be. He uses quizes and audience participation…

T. Vaughn on 07/09/2017 at 8:16 AM.

Diet is the wrong word This book should be read by all. This is NOT a diet in the modern sense rather a way to eat that WILL cause weight loss and more importantly better health. I was on the South Beach Diet, which is very similar to this one, but this book is more informative about fat and the effects on the body. Both my wife and I have had great success from a health prospective. In 4 weeks my wife who is a type 2 diabetic, was taking the maximum dosage of 2 different meds for the diabetis has completely gotten…