X-files, The: Season 11 [Blu-ray]

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J. M. Lynch on 09/08/2018 at 7:17 PM.

From new viewers to regulars, it does perfect for a series show. This is based only on the first episode of S11.- For those new to it, it’s actually enjoyable not knowing anything about the history. The acting, the suspense: everything is ripe for getting to know the show, and it feels like a movie within just one nights’ show. It cannot possibly satisfy the blockbuster immensity of, say, the 1998 movie, but it does pretty darn well.- For X-files fans, it is very nicely done: clean and crisp and we get to enjoy seeing our heroes again, this…

Sillihunter on 09/08/2018 at 7:34 PM.

Bringing things together….. I bought the 11th season and I’m glad I did. Season 10 was confusing to me and ended very poorly in my opinion. However, season 11 is shaping up into something great. Yes, you can tell the original writers are either not part of the story now, or they are taking a unique twist on things. Yes, some things are redundant, confusing, and the story drags a tiny bit. However, the way they are trying to bring things back full circle to Scully and Mulder’s son is important. That said…