WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook – Second Edition

Key Features

  • Learn how to change and extend WordPress to perform virtually any task
  • Explore the plugin API through approachable examples and detailed explanations
  • Mold WordPress to your project’s needs or transform it to benefit the entire community

Book Description

WordPress is a popular, powerful, and open Content Management System. Learning how to extend its capabilities allows you to unleash its full potential, whether you’re an administrator trying to find the right extension, a developer with a great idea to enhance the platform for the community, or a website developer working to fulfill a client’s needs. This book shows readers how to navigate WordPress’ vast set of API functions to create high-quality plugins with easy-to-configure administration interfaces.

With new recipes and materials updated for the latest versions of WordPress 4.x, this second edition teaches you how to create plugins of varying complexity ranging from a few lines of code to complex extensions that provide intricate new capabilities.

You’ll start by using the basic mechanisms provided in WordPress to create plugins and execute custom user code. You will then see how to design administration panels, enhance the post editor with custom fields, store custom data, and modify site behavior based on the value of custom fields. You’ll safely incorporate dynamic elements on web pages using scripting languages, and build new widgets that users will be able to add to WordPress sidebars and widget areas.

By the end of this book, you will be able to create WordPress plugins to perform any task you can imagine.

What you will learn


Mr. John V. Briggs on 09/03/2018 at 6:05 AM.

Was Five Stars – but the kindle version needs help. Incredibly well written and easy to pick up. I love that it increases complexity in such a gradual manner.* Update * – I had given this book 5 stars. I’m using the Kindle version and once I get to around 34% into the book, the formatting goes berserk. I noticed the issue on other pages too. Instead of a sentence, i get one character per line. I’d love to give this 5 stars again, but the book is unusable in digital format.* Another update * – The issues I’m having are…

Hank Castello on 09/03/2018 at 6:34 AM.

PHP Coder Wanting to Learn Plugins? This is YOUR Book! This excellent development book is more than a “cookbook”. It starts with hands-on development of simple plugins and slowly moves to more advanced projects. If you’re a PHP developer who’s been wanting to learn WordPress plugin development, you won’t be disappointed with this book.You can follow along with either a web-based site or on a local server, which the book gives a brief example of how to setup for the three main OS’s. – I have no connection with the…

Anonymous on 09/03/2018 at 6:43 AM.

A must have book for any serious WordPress CMS user looking to get into any level of WP development or get a real handle on WordPress technically, skills. I’m not writing this for the techically elite, you will find all you need too. It’s tough to know where to start as a non-programmer. WordPress is daunting. This book is the answer. Plugins are the way to go to level up. This book is essential for me as a WP user just to understand and use WP beyond the web interface without having to learn…