Women’s Accessories To An Economical And Diverse Wardrobe!

All women love to shop for clothes, as any man will attest. However, this can get to be a costly proposition. Some women think that they must have dozens of costumes to be well dressed. You may not have given sufficient thought to women’s accessories as a secret weapon to developing a wardrobe with fewer garments and more accessories. Women’s accessories can change the look of any costume, giving you dozens of different looks that go from office wear to a night on the town, with a simple change of accessories. Let’s take a look at each type of women’s accessories and how you can use them to expand your wardrobe exponentially, without purchasing one new piece of clothing – well, maybe just one or two.

The variety of stockings available today is absolutely astounding. In addition to sheer and opaque stockings in every color of the rainbow, there are patterned and metallic-thread enhanced stockings that add glitz to the plainest of dresses. For casual wear, you’ll find thicker, sock-like stockings that look great with knee-length pants and ankle high boots on a cold wintry day. You can see that your plain suede skirt can be teamed with any of these stocking possibilities to look like a completely different costume. Paired with this skirt, a short, faux fur jacket and metallic stockings goes out for a night on the town, while a warm, over sized sweater with a diamond patterned, brightly colored sock style stocking attends an evening football game.

Scarves are another neglected category in women’s accessories. Just like stockings, these women’s accessories can make one dress into several. Choose from silk, wool, cotton or cashmere, in plain, patterned and textured looks. Large scarves are most versatile, serving as head wear, a neckline accent, or even a belt.

Hats are one of my favorite women’s accessories. Although there are only a few styles that suit me, I have several of each of those styles. If you aren’t yet a hat person, go shopping and try on a variety of styles. I’ll bet you’ll find at least a couple of styles that look well on you and add pizazz to your costumes. Velvets, straws, woolies – you get the idea. More versatility for your wardrobe.

There’s hardly a woman alive who does not enjoy jewelry. The trick to using these beloved women’s accessories is in having a diversity in your jewelry box. Just a few fine jewels takes care of the upscale events. Costume jewelry is inexpensive and a variety of styles creates a whole new mood to your costume. One good place to find great deals on costume jewelry that’s out of the ordinary is at the thrift shops. Here you’ll find pieces you won’t see worn by anyone else, as many are retro pieces and more or less one of a kind today.

So long as you have one or two high quality handbags, you can fill out your handbag collection at the thrift shops. You’ll find an ever-changing stock of every day handbags, some of which look like they’ve never been used, at prices you can’t beat.

Shoe ornaments are another great wardrobe extender. These come in casual, dressy and sometimes whimsical styles that set the mood for the occasion. Hair ornaments are another inexpensive women’s accessories item that can give you a new do in a couple of minutes!

When you mix and match your stash of women’s accessories, your choice of costumes grows, while your closet stays the same size!

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