Web Programming with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL Second Edition

This is a beginner book. However, it is recommended that you know file extensions, Web URL, and use of major browsers. It was written with college students in mind. This book introduces you to web programming. It covers HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL at the beginner level. There are many good books and websites on Web Programming. This book is unique for two reasons: 1) It focuses on solving the business problems instead of explaining language details. This way readers can have a good understanding of overall picture of web programming. When they need more details of certain topics, they can search the Internet to find them. 2) It includes many review questions and practice projects so that readers not only read, but they can also type, get frustrated, and enjoy the success when their program finally runs.This book cannot be completed in one hour, or one day because of the hands-on requirement. The recommended duration for completing this book is about 10 hours a week for two months. This book is not an in depth cover of any particular topic because we want you to finish the book by the end of the semester.This updated edition includes Bootstrap 4 and React JS.

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