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Oh, Hoe Every Familiar Anti Aging Treatment Improves Over Time

As we grow older, our skin changes in its very structure. It changes in how thick it is, how it feels to the touch, and how it looks. The good news though is that skin doctors now have the technology to change all of this. Armed with fillers, lasers and other kinds of antiaging treatment, they can work to turn back the clock to an amazing degree.

Now you can’t just think about the fillers that you’ve experimented with in the past and have turned away from in disgust. Filler technology improves over time. There are in fact many new age fillers coming on the market now that are able to give your entire face a more full and more plump look. They don’t just do something about your wrinkles or your fine lines like the old anti aging treatment options did. For targeted work, you have lasers today. They take over now from where the older fillers left off. Put this together with every high-tech over-the-counter anti-aging treatment there is now, and you get some pretty encouraging results.

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The way new skin fillers are going, it looks like Botox will soon be rendered obsolete. The thing is, that Botox doesn’t volumize your face. It doesn’t make your face any plumper the way youused to be when you were younger. It only gives you stretched-out wrinkle-free skin. As everyone has probably known intuitively for a long time, it doesn’t really make your face look any younger to just take care of your wrinkles and do nothing about the plumpness. New technology volumizers do a lot for the loss of the under-skin fat that aging past 40 brings.

The new filler is a substance called calcium hydroxylapatite, and it is approved by the FDA for exactly these purposes.

As high-tech as lasers feel, they’ve been around practically for decades. But they are still a young technology as far skin care goes. If you haven’t had an unhappy experience with a laser anti aging treatment before, you mustn’t dismiss it as not worth your time. The latest lasers were able to liven up your skin with practically no side effects at all. The fractional photothermolysis laser would be one example of this. It aims itself that very small parts of your skin each session that you go in for, and it completely rejuvenates that. Whatever it lacks in speed, the treatment more than makes up for in thoroughness. Why, you can’t even dismiss pulsed die laser treatment just because it’s been around forever. They’ve improved even that.

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