The Book On Search Engine Optimization

STOP… Do you know how to create and execute a powerful SEO strategy? ‘Kind of’ is not an answer. If you do not have enough online visibility for your website you’ve failed before you’ve even started. For most businesses, the most crucial mistake is ignoring SEO. You are losing tons of leads, traffic and ultimately potential revenue by not ranking on the search engines. Why not be the business that is top-ranked on Google, Yahoo and other search engines? Yes, be the company that impressed human users and search engines alike. Launch your business with powerful SEO techniques and reap the rewards. You can do it all with ‘The Book On® Search Engine Optimization.’ This powerful and comprehensive guide will help you: * Discover the underlying theory behind SEO and how search engines work * Evaluate the steps you need to prepare for, execute, and evaluate SEO initiatives * Examine a number of advanced strategies and tactics * Understand the intricacies involved in managing complex SEO projects Crafted by the entire re:think SEO, design, development and production team, The Book On Search Engine Optimization is the most thorough and practical search engine optimization resource on shelves today.

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