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Kim Lyons Start Fitness Now: Sit Down & Shape Up 2

The Power to change is within you! Each and every one of us has unlimited potential, and is the second workout the Start Fitness Now series, Kim Lyons, in collaboration with premier physicians, has designed a slightly more challenging set of dynamic movements that will strengthen your body. Her workout will boost your heart rate […]

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The Shape Of Water [Blu-ray]

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Network Search Engine Optimization Networking Style 14108, Rubber Stamp Shape great for Scrapbooking, Crafts, Card Making, Ink Stamping Crafts

Stamp Shapes offers creative, funny and cute craft stamps. Our stamps offer a thick stable wood handle so you know exactly where your stamping. Our stamps are laser cut with a precise crisp edges and smooth stamp surface. Product Features Stamped Image Measures 1.25 or 1-1/4 Inches at the Widest Point Birch Wood Base and […]

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