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Dan & Phil 2018 World Tour: Interactive Introverts (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray]

Dan and Phil present their new stage show – Interactive Introverts. Two internet dwelling, insecure nerds standing under the spotlight to give the people what they want: an epic interactive experience of rants, roasts, battles, stories and surprises that will make you laugh, cry, cringe and puts the audience in control unlike anything before! Extras: […]

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Preacher (2016) – Season 1 [Blu-ray] (Amazon Exclusive Version with Bonus Disc + Content)

Pilot Table Read – Join the cast and crew for the first time they assembled together to perform the pilot together.  The Costumes of Preacher – Costume Designer Karyn Wagner and her team show you how they came about creating the costumes of Preacher.The Prosthetics of Preacher – An in-depth look at all the prosthetics […]

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Marvel Cinematic Universe:  Phase 2 Collection (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray]

Unleash The Power Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe In This Action-Packed 13-Disc Collector’s Set The limited-edition, 13-Disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection invites you to hold the greatest power in the cosmos in your grasp – a Morag orb containing one of the legendary Infinity Stones! Plus Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and Digital Copies of […]

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