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Hard Hat Harry’s: Farm Equipment and Space Adventures

The live-action television series Hard Hat Harry is designed to give elementary school children information about the machines that fascinate them. Hard Hat Harry: Farm Equipment and Space Adventure contains a pair of episodes from the show. The first concerns many of the devices used by farmers to grow and harvest crops. The second episode […]

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DVD – Adventures In Booga Booga Land V3: Bolter

Boogie on down to Booga Booga Land to learn all about giving and receiving apologies in four brand new episodes based on the parables of Jesus. Marty the Monkey and Gerard the Giraffe are back with four new, modern twists on Bible stories in Booga Booga Land! These laugh-out-loud funny retellings of the parables of Jesus […]

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Cute & Cuddly Critters: A Baby Mountain Lion’s Adventures

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