Simply Step: Classic Moves

GMF Video Productions is owned and operated by global fitness expert, Gin Miller, known as the creator of step training. With years of experience in front of the camera, Gin’s productions provide workouts that are simple, safe and effective.

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Anonymous on 11/02/2018 at 9:01 PM.

Great relatively low-impact workout I remember taking step classes in the 90’s and really taking for granted how good the workout was. While I waited for this DVD to arrive I did some research and found that they burn between 400-680 calories per (which is comparable to a run). I recently have not been able to run due to my flat feet (major shin splints and lower back pain) but I needed to get some pure unadulterated cardio in so this was my big hope and it delivers. I will say that I feel more comfortable with this workout…

Anonymous on 11/02/2018 at 9:22 PM.

Simply The Best Don’t let the “simple” fool you: Gin’s choreography may be straightforward, but this work out is anything but “easy.” By the end, you will be fully energized, and drenched — just in time for Gin to joke about whether your “hair and makeup” still look good – LOL! This DVD is an excellent refresher if you’re re-joining the step world, or if you want a break from all of the dance-y intricate choreography other instructors provide. That is NOT to say that this workout is boring — far from it…