SEO Search Engine Optimization plus HTML, JavaScript, CSS Tutorial Training on 2 DVDs, 30 Hours in 299 Video Lessons, Computer Software Video Tutorials

This isn’t some dry lecture, or a training disk that was designed to go with classroom training. Our training is complete training for Search Engine Optimization plus HTML, JavaScript, CSS training. We demonstrate all of the tools and processes you will need to optimize your own professional level web sites. We do this using actual examples allowing you to learn the correct techniques and good practices needed for today’s market. The training is broken down into easy to follow sections, starting with a basic introduction to Search Engine Optimization and HTML, JavaScript, CSS then moving onto more advanced lessons and topics with complete examples. As you follow along, you learn by doing, mastering the programs at your own pace. You are provided with a dynamic educational tool – an information rich resource you can refer to again and again. Search Engine Optimization Sections include: What is SEO • SEO Basics • Working on Your Site • Keywords • Links • Google Webmaster Tools • Google Analytics • Bing Webmaster Tools • SEO for WordPress • Free Tools • SEO Tips • • • HTML, JavaScript, CSS Sections include: JavaScript Introduction • Coding Basics • Data Types & Operators • Functions, Objects • Boxes & Messages • Window Document Obj. • Forms • Validation • Dates in JavaScript • Math in JavaScript • JavaScript Projects 1 • JavaScript Projects 2 • HTML Introduction • Basic HTML • Basic Sections • Elements & Tags • Basic Page Setup • Creating Structure • Tables • Using Frames • Cascading Style Sheets • HTML Color • Images • Forms • Hyperlinks • Embedding • Search Engine Optimization • CSS Basics • CSS Formatting • CSS Formatting 2 • Working with CSS • CSS in Dreamweaver

Product Features

  • Learn brand-new skills, switch careers, get a raise, explore new hobbies
  • Find the answers you need with our easy to use Search Engine Optimization Video Tutorials
  • Learn What You Want, When You Want, Play, pause, rewind and repeat the training videos as needed
  • High resolution Search Engine Optimization training movies for picture-perfect viewing.
  • 30 hours of SEO Video Based Training on 2 DVD-ROM 299 video lessons with all working files

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