SEO for Business + Blogging for Profit 2019 (2 IN 1 Bundle): Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics & Marketing + How to Start … Make Money Online & Earn Passive Income!

Transform your blog into an SEO Machine. Discover how you to optimize your blog for Google SEO, and start ranking your website on the first page!

Having trouble getting visitors to stay on your website? Having even more trouble trying to find visitors? This book will tell you exactly what you need to do to attract web traffic that will convert, rank number one on Google, and how to multiply your revenue in 30 days.

One of the best ways to capture web traffic is by having a great blog. Not all blogs are created equally, and we are going to optimize yours to help you rank on Google.

Maybe you have a great product, and you know you can make millions if you put it in front of the right people. The problem is, you don’t know how. Who are these “right people”? Where do I find them? How do I convince them to purchase? How do I get myself in front of them?

Someone told you to start with a blog, and people will start coming. Yet, you can’t find your first 100 visitors. You’ve read all the blogging guides out there, but they aren’t teaching you how to write good articles, or how to turn those articles into money-making machines.

This bundle brings together two best-selling books, SEO for Business 2019 and Blogging for Profit 2019. With the knowledge from both books, you will be able to build a profitable blog, and learn how to rank it using SEO strategies.

In this two in one bundle, you will discover:

  • The secret to understanding consumer behavior and how it affects your SEO strategies.
  • How to create successful link building strategies and five strategies you can implement right away in your blog.
  • Foolproof keyword research techniques, so you are guaranteed to rank
  • The one thing to AVOID, so you don’t suffer from the Google Penalty.
  • 22 step-by-step SEO strategies you can implement right away.
  • The 12-step badass blog checklist to guide you through every step to kick off your blog.
  • Important design tips to optimize your blog for SEO.
  • My seven-step formula for writing headlines that convert (and are SEO friendly!).
  • Which SEO plugin is best for your blog (plus 14 other must-haves!).
  • Four proven strategies to keep the ideas coming so you never stop writing.
  • And so, so much more…

Maybe you’re thinking, “What the hells a Google Penalty?”, or “This is too complicated and I don’t have enough time”. Even if you’ve never heard of SEO before, and write at the level of a fifth grader, this book is designed for you to hit the ground running.

So, if you want to get ahead of your competition, scroll up, and click “Buy”.

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