SEO Fitness Workbook: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization (2019 Edition)

Learn SEO in Plain English – Step by Step!

2019 Updated Edition
Buy the Workbook Used at Stanford Continuing Studies to Teach Search Engine Optimization

  • Read the Reviews – compare the REAL REVIEWS of this book to the REVIEWS (?) of other books
  • Optimize your Website – learn ON PAGE SEO tactics to build an SEO-FRIENDLY WEBSITE.
  • Learn Link-building – master the art of getting inbound links, blog mentions, and social authority.
  • Watch Videos – view step-by-step companion VIDEOS that SHOW you how to do SEO.
  • Use the Worksheets – download WORKSHEETS that guide you step-by-step to search engine optimization success.
  • Measure via Metrics – navigate the complexities of GOOGLE ANALYTICS.
  • Access Free Tools – access the companion MARKETING ALMANAC with hundreds of free tools for search engine optimization, a $29.99 value!

One of the Best Books on SEO of 2018 / 2019 or Search Engine Optimization for Beginners and Experts Alike

  • Jason McDonald – written by a successful practitioner of SEO. Just Google ‘SEO Expert Bay Area’ or ‘SEO Expert Witness’. He’s there at the top!
  • Stanford University – used by Dr. McDonald in his courses, both online and on campus, at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies
  • An Easy to Follow Method – written in PLAIN ENGLISH for MERE MORTALS. Learn how to do SEO step by step.
  • Got Questions? – just Google ‘Jason McDonald’ and send a quick email or call.

The author, Jason McDonald, has instructed thousands of people in his classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Stanford Continuing Studies, as well as online. Jason speaks in simple English and uses the metaphor of The Seven Steps to SEO Fitness to explain to you how to ‘get SEO fit.’

Table of Contents

  1. Goals: Define Your SEO Goals
  2. Keywords: Identify Winnable, High Value SEO Keywords
  3. On Page SEO: Optimize Your Website to ‘Speak Google’ via Page Tabs, your home page, and structural elements
  4. Content Marketing: Learn to produce content that pleases Google and your customers
  5. Off Page SEO: Build links, leverage social media, and go local. Includes detailed ‘Local SEO’ information for local businesses!
  6. Metrics: Master Google Analytics
  7. Learn: Pointers to SEO Tools and Online Resources

Check out the other 2019 SEO Books on Amazon – SEO For Dummies, SEO for Growth, SEO Book, SEO Like I’m 5 etc., – they’re great, they’re good, but they don’t include powerful step-by-step worksheets, links to online videos, and the free Marketing Almanac with hundreds of free tools for search engine optimization 2019. Listed on many SEO book lists as one of the best books SEO books of 2019 as well as a best SEO book for beginners.

Read the Reviews & Check Out The Sale Price!

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Anonymous on 08/12/2019 at 12:22 PM.

More of a sales brochure than a book The theory behind the book is good and, honestly, Mr. McDonald does a much better SELLING the book than actually following through. He relies heavily on using Google Adwords however his references to aspects of Adwords do not match the Google Adwords Dashboard thus making entire sections of the book unusable. In addition, he references various worksheets and documents you are to use in conjunction with the book. You are supposed to be able to access these via going to his website and entering a…

Anonymous on 08/12/2019 at 12:36 PM.

If You Buy This Book, You Won’t Need Another SEO Book! I ordered SEO Fitness Workbook 3 days ago.I also purchased the digital version which I got immediately. On the day I finished the digital version, the hard copy arrived. This book was written very well for people like me, a neophyte. Jason obviously understands the perplexing concepts of SEO and he breaks it down to the level of a 6th grader. I have many books on the subject and most of them left me with more questions that had no answers. Aside from a well written book, Dr. McDonald makes…