SEO 2020: The 7 Steps System To Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex topic with a fairly simple definition: SEO is the science and art of designing a Web site and its content in such a way as to give each Web site page the best chance of being listed and highly ranked by search engines. I describe it as both a science and an art. The Science of SEOLike a science, specific, known design techniques can be used (or not) by Web designers to improve a search engine’s ability to ‘read’ the content of a Web site and its pages. Wonderful and complex Web sites can easily be created without using any SEO techniques, or by using techniques that directly interfere with a search engine’s ability to ‘read’ the content of a site. If you want to determine whether your Web site has a fighting chance of being highly listed by a search engine, you need to be aware of these known and non-mysterious techniques.The Art of SEOLike an art, scientific techniques have to be employed in reference to a Web site’s purpose, audience, message, aesthetics, and contents. The ‘look and feel’ of a Web site can be critical, and a balance must sometimes be struck between the artistic qualities of the Web site and its adherence to search engine requirements. Many ‘artistic’ design elements actually interfere with or prohibit a search engine from reading a site. For example, a popular design element used today, Flash movies, is invisible to search engines. If your Web site is created with Flash, you can forget about getting noticed by search engines for the simple reason that Flash is not textual content, and search engines feed off of content, not graphics, photographs, or Flash movies. It is important to know that any words contained within a Flash move, photograph, or graphic is invisible to search engines. Just because you can see words displayed on your Web site doesn’t mean that a search engine can.But what SEO truly entails is making money online or on the internet. I don’t mean the act of putting up ad’s and selling things online that you hope individuals will purchase. What I do mean is making whatever you have available no matter if it has a price tag on it or not simply and readily available to the search engines. As you know individuals mostly utilize the internet to looking for or discover information. When somebody is attempting to discover information, they tend to utilize a search engine.When discussing SEO, we have to look at the big picture or the whole pie. I’m going to explain to you how everything comes together for you when you’re utilizing a search engine as a digital marketer, a SEO agency or an online entrepreneur. I’ve synthesized my previous SEO project experiences and developed a systematic approach which proven to help my clients in their SEO implementations. I broke down and grouped the complex SEO implementation process into a 7-step system which made the implementation process simpler and methodical (step-by-step). Which this guide, you can follow each step orderly to achieve your SEO objectives with sense of purpose and direction.

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