SEO 2017: 83 Days to Organic Traffic: How to Get (And Stay) On the Front Page of Google

What Would You Do If New Clients (and Members) Came to You?

That’s the question I always asked myself

I’d seen enough to know that organic traffic was real, but it still sounded too good to be true.

I didn’t really understand SEO, but I knew it meant getting traffic from Google. Traffic that’s free, really doesn’t have limits – and seems to work forever.

The same traffic that made Online Stars like Pat Flynn and Ramit Sethi an overnight success. If they could do it, I figured I could too – I just didn’t know where to start.

Getting Started Is the Hardest Part

I didn’t know a thing about code , and I didn’t even know what WordPress was. To be honest, I still wasn’t fully sure what SEO meant…I was looking for it in the paid advertising section.

So I did what I knew how to do, I Googled it and got to work. I figured it’d be like the normal “Google and Go” – but this was a little more intense.

This required a lot more research and testing – disqualifying old techniques and filtering the necessary information from new techniques.The information was there , but it never got me where I wanted to be…

So I had to learn by trial and error, a.k.a more tools and a lot more money. And whether I liked it or not, it also meant copying the bigger companies – hoping for similar results.

It made sense, but it didn’t work.

Focused on Results, Not Fluff

So I took a different route. A route that focused on results.

Also a route that focused on underlying logic, not technicalities .That’s allowed me to do a lot of different things, and for the most part – they keep getting results .Results that started in month 2, when I first reached page 3.

Not quite where you want to be, but for that time frame – it was a confidence booster. One that launched me into the next stage…

The front page . That’s an amazing feeling by itself, but when you count the days between your first blog and current ranking, then realize it happened in just 83 days – that’s an unexplainable feeling. And after months of bringing everything together, I’ve finally completed the proven method that created this feeling.

And that proven method is now available to you ….


The ebook designed for online entrepreneurs that want:

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Justin Jones on 07/07/2017 at 2:58 AM.

Highly recommend! Fantastic best practices and insights put in layman’s terms to set any reader up for success! A must buy!!