The Secrets of the Skincare Makeup Counter

The skincare makeup floor at any large department store can be quite a minefield for the casual shopper. There you are, just minding your own business, browsing watches in the section adjacent, when the perfume sprayer draws your attention to a great new promotion you could qualify for if you would just try some product on at the Neutrogena counter over there. Once you’re there of course, those products can be quite irresistible – so pretty, so promising and so right does it all seem. But is the makeup section really that innocent a place to find yourself in? Is everything really as pink and pretty as it seems? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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With all those beautifully done -up counters, one from every brand, laid out neatly all over the floor all glittering, clean and smelling good enough to eat, you never suspect that there could be anything amiss here. The hygiene problem in the skincare makeup section is with the testers. Have you seen how women just walk up to the Maybelline counter and try on a lipstick or two? Now why would they do that – don’t they realize that about 10 other women already done that with that very same stick? The same applies to creams, foundations or anything else. People just walk right up and stick their dirty hands in there to sample something. The hygiene problem doesn’t just end with the testers. You can buy anything at many stores and return it after having used it multiple times. And they just go on sale to another customer all over again. It’s really up to you to watch out.

The way they talk at the skincare makeup counters, the way they stand there with all those bottles and vials of chemicals, it’s easy for the makeup counter people to imagine that they are kind of like scientists and chemists. They even wear white coats sometimes. Often, they let that imagery run away with them.. Most the time, they just make scientific facts and stories up out of thin air and put them out there with a lot of flash. They live on commission, and this makes it easy for them to lie.

And finally, do you feel that when they invite you for free makeover, that it’s really free? Well, it actually is, technically. But it’s very clear when they work on you making you over for free that they work on commission and that they really hope that you buy something big for all the trouble they are taking over you. What they’re trying to do is to work on whipping up pangs of guilt in you so that you can’t really walk away just like that. If you do, you’ll feel their eyes drilling into your back.

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