Red Green, DVD* (*Duct Tape Virtuoso Deluxe)

All duct tape, all the time! red offers valuable tips on the magical silver stuff in this special tribute with never before seen footage.Innovative handyman Red Green is proud to announce his first DVD, and while admitting that he doesn’t understand the technology, he chooses to mark the occasion with a tribute to duct tape, that endlessly useful substance he terms “the handyman’s secret weapon.” In the course of the program, Green (ably portrayed by Canadian comedian Steve Smith) demonstrates projects that are one part Rube Goldberg and many parts duct tape. Some of the gags are elaborate and inspired, such as a bit about a pontoon boat you can make by stripping the heat ducts from your house (“don’t forget to replace them before winter”), taping them all together, and adding an outboard motor as a finishing touch. The humor of all this is an acquired taste, and those who just don’t get it would probably have to be duct taped to the television to watch Red Green. But if you enjoy this sort of offbeat humor, Duct Tape Virtuoso Deluxe is a treat. How else could you learn to make construction equipment from a stepladder and a Thigh-Master? Who else would teach you how to make a paddlewheel riverboat by taping together parts of a junked van? Only Red Green, who also thoughtfully provides tips on using all those empty duct-tape rolls to make holders for the many bottles in your “beer cellar.” Bonus material on the DVD includes a trip to the actual largest duct-tape plant in the world (which Red proudly notes is “right here in Canada”), and a segment shot at a gathering of fanatical Red Green fans who show off their own duct-tape creations. –Robert J. McNamara

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Magical Traffic!


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