Python Programming: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learn and Effectively Understand Python Programming (Intermediate, Advanced, To Expert Concepts) 7 Days Crash Course

Python Programming – 7 Days Crash Course

If you’re looking for a way to become an expert coder and impress your friends with the programs you can make from scratch, then keep reading.

So you have never programmed.

 As we move forward in this book, we will try to teach you how to program. You have to read code and write code (that’s what we call programs). We will see a lot of code. To understand it, you will have to copy this code, test it, and observe what happens. Play and make changes.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that it doesn’t work. Also note that this guide contains Python 2.x versions, Python Version 6, Pygame, and the likes, which implies that some examples described in this book will not work in version 2.6 or earlier. Even so, the differences between both versions are not exceptionally large, and therefore, if you learn one, you should be able to understand written programs for the other version without too much difficulty.

In addition, what you will expect in this book are as follows:

Part 1

  • Application Development Environments With Python  
  • Print Command And Escape Sequences   
  • Variables
  • Web Framework
  • Django
  • Getting Input From User  
  • Pygame Hello World  
  • Network Game With Python  
  • Sorting Algorithms  
  • Operators And Mathematical Operations 
  • Writing More Readable Code In Python
  • Working with Linear Regression in Machine Learning
  • The Benefits of a Decision Tree
  • Working on the Random Forest Algorithm
  • The Advantages of the Naive Bayes Algorithm
  • How Can you Use the KNN Algorithm

Part 2  

  • Python 2.X Versions  
  • How To Read Python?  
  • Where To Download Python In Order To Use Python, This Programming Language Must Be Installed On Our System.  
  • Installing Python In Gnu / Linux Python Is Installed On Almost All Gnu / Linux Distributions.  
  • Installing Python In Windows Unlike Gnu / Linux Distributions  
  • Version 6. Is Recommended, In Fact, All Versions 2.5 And Higher 
  • Running Python On Gnu / Linux If We Are Using Kde On The Gnu / Linux Operating System  
  • Running Python On Windows 
  • How To Exit Python  
  • Section Questions 
  • Registering Python Programs 
  • The Basics of Working with Python
  • How to Setting up Your Python Environment

And More

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