PHP & MySQL in easy steps: Covers MySQL 8.0

PHP and MySQL in easy steps, 2nd edition teaches the user to write PHP server-side scripts and how to make MySQL database queries. It has an easy-to-follow style that will appeal to:

  • anyone who wants to begin producing data-driven web pages.
  • web developers wanting to add database interaction to their web sites.
  • the programmer who quickly wants to add PHP and MySQL to their skills set.
  • the hobbyist who wants to begin creating scripts for upload to their own ISP.
  • the student, and to those seeking a career in computing, who need a fundamental understanding of server-side programming with PHP and MySQL.
  • PHP and MySQL in easy steps, 2nd edition demonstrates by example how to produce data-driven web pages using the powerful PHP scripting language and the popular free MySQL database server. The book examples provide clear syntax-highlighted code showing how to selectively insert and extract data from databases for presentation on your web browser.

    PHP and MySQL in easy steps, 2nd edition begins by explaining how to install a free web server, the PHP interpreter, and MySQL database server, to create an environment in which you can produce your very own data-driven server-side web pages. You will learn how to write PHP server-side scripts and how to make MySQL database queries. Examples illustrate how to store and retrieve Session Data, how to provide a Message Board, and how to create an E-Commerce Shopping Cart.

    This book assumes you have no previous experience of any programming or scripting language so is ideal for the newcomer to PHP and MySQL technologies.

    Covers MySQL 8.0.

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    missdarkstar on 09/20/2018 at 9:41 AM.

    Simple explanations with code exercises I must say i wish i found this series months ago. I tried to learn programming previously using those big 1,000-page technical books. All those books did was confuse me.This book explains in one page what the large books do in 20 pages. The format of the book makes it easy to follow, using color-coded programming code. One page explains the concept and the next is a coding exercise. The code that the book asks you to type up is simple enough to show you what is going on. A…

    Meghan J Frisco on 09/20/2018 at 9:48 AM.

    Love this book! Exactly what I needed! For beginners like myself I find it does a great job breaking down and giving examples for using PHP and MySQL together.My background is 13 years HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, 3 years with WordPress, 5 years with databases (Started with Access, then learned how to use PHPMyAdmin in my webhosts’ CPanel to tweak some things with WordPress… that’s when things started to click for me, in terms of how Databases and Websites work together). If you are trying to…