PHP and MySQL Web Development (3rd Edition)

We’ve taken the best and made it even better. The third edition of the best-selling PHP and MySQL Web Development has been updated to include material and code on MySQL 5, PHP 5 and on PHPs object model and validation. Through a clear, practical approach, you will learn to develop secure, dynamic websites by integrating and implementing the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database system. Real-world examples and working sample projects will give you a strong foundation on which to start building your own websites, complete with features such as SSL, shopping carts and payment systems. The accompanying CD includes the source code from each example in the book, the entire book in PDF format, and source code and binaries for PHP 5, MySQL 5 and Apache. Readers have called PHP and MySQL Web Development call it the best technical book they’ve ever read, but don’t take their word for it. Find out for yourself!

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Anonymous on 12/28/2018 at 5:09 AM.

A Fantastic Resource for Intermediates & Pros – Not Great for Beginners This is an excellent and very complete resource for developers and admins who already know the basics and have some experience with databases, and want a very detailed and complete reference book with lots of great tips and insights on MySQL. I’m a front end developer with *some* MySQL/database experience, so I was basically able to keep up with the *dense* technical-documentation-like content in this book, and I learned a ton about the features and capabilities of MySQL. However, this was NOT…

Anonymous on 12/28/2018 at 5:24 AM.

Thorough, understandable, needed an editor. Serious problems with Kindle version. Though not currently a developer, I wrote a lot of C a 25 years ago. This book was a nice middle-ground between a basic tutorial and a reference manual. The explanation is a bit verbose, but consequently easy to read through. The organization is a bit bizarre: one subsection goes into deep detail on alternative engines, with historical underpinnings and applications where one’s queries are more efficient than the next; the next subsection goes into utterly elementary syntax for basic…