Paula Abdul – Cardio Dance

Who said exercise has to be like work? This is a workout for people who want to have fun! Paula Abdul brings you the best of her own unique style in this dance-packed cardio workout, followed by lower body toning and a dancer’s stretch. Count on it, you’ll break a sweat, AND, you’ll get in shape. The cardio segment is taught dance-class style, a segment at a time, then you’ll put it all together at the end. Paula teaches each routine slowly, then speeds it up to tempo. Paula’s style of dance – classy yet funky and “edgy” choreography – looks challenging, yet the basic steps are simple. She makes the transitions between steps so smooth, you’ll be into the next move without even knowing how you got there. Plus, if you’re a “footwatcher,” you’ll have the advantage of watching the steps in reverse, with Paula facing the same direction as you learn. In the lower body toning segment, be ready for some classic dance-inspired exercises to tone and define your thighs, buttocks and calves. These exercises are moves that dancers use as part of their core training.

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Anonymous on 03/18/2019 at 6:53 PM.

Very Fun, Not for the Uncoordinated

Anonymous on 03/18/2019 at 7:08 PM.

You’ll need room and prior dance experience. Very fun. This is a dance tape, not really an instruction tape. It begins with some standard aerobics moves that take a lot of room. It then moves to more dance steps taught a little more slowly. It’s not staying in my collection for three reasons: 1.) It’s impossible to do these routines unless you have a clear eight by ten space. You can’t do this in the space where you might do a step workout, yoga or pilates. 2.) This is a relatively difficult set of dance steps. (Which might be a positive,…

Anonymous on 03/18/2019 at 7:13 PM.

Paula’s dance teaching and choreography experience comes through in this video. The back angle for learning the steps is available as if you were taking an actual dance class. It took me one or two sessions to get used to the steps, but after that you can have fun and not realize you’ve worked out. It’s also a good low impact cardio workout that I can do while I’m currently rehabbing a running injury. You’ll generally need a little more space for the choreography, but I’ve managed to adjust by…