New Answers DVD 3

We live in a culture with more questions than ever questions that affect one s acceptance of the Bible as authoritative and trustworthy. This DVD features 18 easy-to-understand answers from among the 35 questions posed and answered in the book version. These are some of the most-important apologetics quandaries of today. You ll love these stylized mini-interviews, featuring authors from the hot-selling book. This DVD contains answers to the 18 following questions. Each summary answer is about 4-minutes in length. Where Was the Garden of Eden Located? (Ham) Did Bible Authors Believe in a Literal Genesis? (Mortenson) Was There Death Before Adam Sinned? (Ham) What about Cloning and Stem Cells (Tommy Mitchell) Does Evolution Have a . . . Chance? (Riddle) Did Life Come from Outer Space (Purdom) Vestigal Organs Evidence for Evolution? (Menton) What is the Best Argument for the Existence of God? (Lisle) What Are Some Flood Evidences? (Snelling) Unicorns in the Bible? (Elizabeth Mitchell) Doesn’t the Bible Support Slavery? (Hodge) How Can Someone Start a New Life in Christ? (Eggert) Should Christians Be Pushing to Have Creation Taught in Government Schools? (Patterson) Was the Flood of Noah Global or Local in Extent? (Snelling) How Old Does the Earth Look? (Snelling) When and How Did the Grand Canyon Form? (Snelling) What Are Some Good Questions to Ask an Evolutionist? (Lisle) Isn’t the God of the Old Testament Harsh, Brutal, and Downright Evil? (Hodge)

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