Nature: Holy Cow

Have we changed the cow – or has the cow has changed us? Human history, biology, agriculture and economics have all been affected by this most influential farm animal. Societies which learned to domesticate the cow prospered, while those that did not were left behind. The cow is an animal that has evolved to eat pretty much anything and miraculously transform it into milk and meat, and a whole range of other products that sustain our daily lives – clothing, fertilizer for our crops, fuel for our fires. A valuable commodity to some, religiously revered by others, it is a beast of burden, a means of transportation, a way of life. This creature’s many gifts have sustained and supported the human race on our journey to civilization, and each of us continues to owe a daily debt to the humble, extraordinary and holy cow.

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Anonymous on 10/07/2018 at 6:03 PM.

My husband and I saw this on TV and watched it sort of as a joke — but we were both hooked and ended up watching the whole show. Now I’m buying the DVD to have a copy to share with friends (and their kids). I will never look at a cow in the same way now! Includes a good explanation of how cows are part of human cultures around the world (and why), and how our ways of interacting with cows (dairy cows and cattle) has changed so radically over the past two generations (and how it might well…

Anonymous on 10/07/2018 at 6:11 PM.