Murach’s MySQL (3rd Edition)

This is the latest edition of the book that application developers worldwide have used to master MySQL…now updated for MySQL 8 and beyond.

As you would expect, this book shows how to code all the essential SQL statements for working with a MySQL database. You’ll use these statements every day to have MySQL do more of your work for you.

But beyond that, it shows how to work with classic MySQL features that take you to new level, such as summary queries, subqueries, functions, views, transactions, stored procedures, triggers, and security. It shows how to take advantage of newer MySQL features such as window functions, Common Table Expressions (CTE), and roles for database security. It shows how to design a database, including how to use MySQL Workbench to create and implement the design. It even presents a starting set of skills for a database administrator (DBA) if you’re interested in that career path or if you need to be your own DBA.

In short, it s a must-have guide for anyone who works with MySQL, beginning and experienced developers alike.

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Anonymous on 09/13/2019 at 5:58 AM.

Couldn’t create database.Downloaded msq2_allfiles from the murach website, in “db_setup” folder, there are 2 “create_database” files, one for “MySQL 5.7 and later”. Neither works.Tried both in MySQL workbench.1. Since I just downloaded MySQL Community Server 8.0.11, I think I should go with “create_database-MySQL 5.7 and later”, opened and executed, tried “SELECT * FROM terms;”, got error message”Error code: 1146. Table…

Anonymous on 09/13/2019 at 6:07 AM.