Michigan Marriage Records And Personal Background Check

To steer clear of those dishonest individuals, seeking for Michigan Marriage Records is necessary. This type of information is a huge help in gauging someone before allowing him or her to enter into your life. Based on research, a couple of marriages have been dissolved because one or both parties were not truthful from the start of the relationship. Hence, it pays to go over the personal background of a potential mate to make sure everything he says is factual.

Typically, accounts on marriages cover significant data, including the complete names of the couple, the age of the bride and groom at the time of the marriage application, their parents’ names and addresses at the time the wedding took place, the couple’s residence at the time of marriage, their occupations and more. Furthermore, this file also brings to light the when and where of the event.

The statewide recording of unions that occurred in Michigan commenced in 1867. From that year onwards, marriage documents are stored at the state’s Vital Records Office at Lansing, Michigan. Currently, the fee for each file copy is $26, payable by check, money order or personal checks to the same agency. Acceptable modes for requesting are via phone, fax, in person or online.

In accordance to the law, everyone is eligible to apply for a copy of this sort of file provided that the application is completed and signed and the needed charge is paid. For people searching for accounts dated from 1950 to 1975, providing the groom’s name is a must. Other required fields to be filled out are the full maiden name of the bride, full name of the groom, as well as the city and/or county of occurrence.

Gathering the information through the old ways – via walk in, phone, mail or fax, consumes plenty of your time and effort. Today, the best way to acquire what you need is to take advantage of the Internet. There’s an upsurge of commercial record providers online these days; each offers different features. In general, they are categorized as free of charge and fee-based. Choosing which version to use should depend on your purpose for getting the data.

A number of search sites online now contain Free Marriage Records for everyone to access and use. The most promising among them, though, is that which charges an affordable cost. It ensures to give you exactly what you longed-for without eating too much of your precious time. As opposed to the other means, this method instantly supplies high-quality reports.

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