Meet Your Community: A Guide to Implementing Local SEO for your Business

For businesses to survive, they must have continuous sales. To have constant sales, you must have a continuous flow of potential customers. To have a continual stream of customers, customers need to find you. However, most businesses are not spending the time to ensure that potential customers can locate their business. Alternatively, the potential customer may not know the company exists. Therefore, the small and medium-sized business will continue to lose potential traffic to larger organizations. These more prominent companies can employ external consultants to help them be found on the search engines.

We wrote the book Meet Your Community: A Guide to Implementing Local SEO for your Business with the small and medium-sized business owner in mind. As a consulting firm, we recognize that the cost of outsourced help can be a limitation for some businesses. Therefore the book was designed to take the business owner on a path so that they can do Local SEO themselves. Local SEO can help their business be discovered in local search.

The path of the book begins by explaining what Local SEO is and what traditional SEO is. We then introduce you to Google My Business and Bing Places and walk you through the process of establishing your business profile with them. The book then addresses things that you can do for your website that will help increase your discoverability. The book then moves away from your website and focuses on external sites that you can use to help drive traffic to your website. We then talk about reviews and Questions and Answers that will play an essential role in driving your Local SEO presence. We provide an excellent terms glossary for you to refer to and a summary resource list of websites mentioned throughout the book.

The book provides you with the roadmap we followed in doing Local SEO for our business. We have created a separate pdf that you can download and print from our website; the passcode is in the book. We also created a citation information worksheet that you can download as well to help when you create your citation entries.

Last but not least, we created a Closed Support Group to help you with any questions you have as you implement Local SEO for your business. The passcode for the group can be found in the book. You can also get a free Local SEO analysis of your business from our website that can identify areas for improvement.

Local SEO is a journey and Meet Your Community will hopefully be the compass for small and medium-sized business owners.

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