Mastering Modern PHP (Developer’s Library)

Mastering Modern PHP is the first intermediate-to-advanced-level PHP guide to cover contemporary best practices, advanced new PHP 7/PHP 5 features, and the best professional tools and libraries for developing modern PHP-based web applications.


Designed for experienced web programmers who cut their teeth on PHP 4 years ago, it skips the usual introduction to PHP basics and jumps right into helping you become a true modern PHP master. Renowned PHP expert John Coggeshall focuses from the ground up on object-oriented programming in PHP: an absolute requirement for modern PHP mastery.


In contrast to most PHP books, which focus on PHP’s built-in capabilities, Mastering Modern PHP helps you do what today’s true masters do: leverage well-built and well-maintained libraries to accomplish powerful tasks. Coggeshall drills down into crucial subjects ranging from unit testing and HTTP requests to logging, helping you take advantage of the PHP ecosystem’s most powerful and mature tools, including PHPUnit, GuzzleHTTP, and Monolog.

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