Lotte Berk Method For Beginners – Muscle Eats Fat

The Lotte Berk Method has been called the ultimate body transformation system. For over three decades this no-nonsense, results oriented fitness method has been available exclusively at Lotte Berk Method studios in Manhattan and Bridgehampton, New York. A best-selling book and hundreds of articles have featured and praised these special exercises, but now for the very first time, the world famous Lotte Berk Method is available in a series of effective home video workouts. Former school teacher and tax lobbyist Lydia Bach developed the Method while training with Russian dancer Lotte Berk at her Rehabilitative Exercise studio in London. The Lotte Berk Method combines elements from modern & classical dance, orthopedic back exercises, and Hatha yoga into a highly sensual and satisfying fitness system.

The Lotte Berk Method is a low-impact extraordinarily effective program that firms, lengthens and shapes muscles to their optimal form! Its system of concentrated movements and deep muscle conditioning was designed to make each woman get her best body – miraculously fast. The Lotte Berk Method will make you feel great and help you discover a new level of confidence and vitality.

Nothing is more unattractive than a flabby weak body. The only way to reduce flat is to burn calories and nothing burns calories better than strong muscles. In fact, healthy toned muscles will burn calories 24 hours a day – even when you are at rest! The Lotte Berk Method teaches you targeted exercises that will work poorly toned, unused muscles, particularly in your thighs and abdomen. From your first workout you will begin to create strong, toned muscles and burn calories. The results will look and feel fabulous!

Special Features

– Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound
– Interactive Full Motion Menus
– Chapter Selections
– Workout to Music with Narration
– Bonus Trailers
– One Bonus Workout
– Photo Gallery

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Beckster loves books on 09/20/2017 at 1:49 PM.

The Original

Dawn D on 09/20/2017 at 1:51 PM.

good workout, but best as a supplement

K.C. on 09/20/2017 at 2:04 PM.

Short workout, but good results I’ve been taking barre classes at a local fitness studio 3 times a week for the past few months. Due to scheduling and the ongoing cost, I decided to try some videos at home. I like the Lotte Berk videos, this one in particular, because they are similar to the style of class I was taking. I wish they were a bit longer (this is about 30 minutes, the classes I take are and hour). You spend a good deal of time getting into position (VERY important with these types of exercises) but do very few…