Lego Ninjago Movie, The (BD) [Blu-ray]


Lego Ninjago Movie, The (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Combo Pack) (BD)

In this big-screen Ninjago adventure, the battle for Ninjago City calls to action young Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja (Dave Franco), along with his friends, who are all secret warriors and LEGO Master Builders. Led by kung fu master Wu (Jackie Chan), as wisecracking as he is wise, they must defeat evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theroux), the Worst Guy Ever, who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Pitting mech against mech and father against son, the epic showdown will test this fierce but undisciplined team of modern-day ninjas who must learn to check their egos and pull together to unleash their true power.


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Oreo Cookie Jelly Donut 2017 on 11/15/2017 at 1:59 PM.

The Lego Ninjago Movie I really enjoyed this film. it is not as good as the batman one but is still pretty sweet. i did not realize that jackie chan was in this movie that was a nice surprise. i loved that they combined live action and animation again in this one. this is a father son type movie and is done well. just like the other two lego movies it is good. the story is good, animation is good and the comedy hits all the right spots. and the voice acting is great. if you are a lego fan and a fan of the show then…

J. Daniel Spratlin on 11/15/2017 at 2:20 PM.

Lego Ninjago Movie quick movie review What’s it about?Master Wu (Jackie Chan), as wise-cracking as he is wise, mentors a group of young secret ninja warriors who defend their island home (Ninjago) from the nefarious deeds of the evil warlord Garmadon, aka The Worst Guy Ever, who also happens to be the dad of Lloyd (Dave Franco) one of the secret ninja.What did I think?If your kids liked The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman movie then they’ll like this one too. While it’s the weakest of the three…

Anonymous on 11/15/2017 at 2:31 PM.

Ninjago 3D: Humorous, good story and great Lego visuals:The Ninjago movie was interesting, with some incredible Lego visuals and amounts of detail, capturing the Lego style really well. In particular, the vehicles, mechs, dragons and sharks that the Lego characters drove, also had plenty of Lego style. The film itself kept my attention, with some mild humor that made me smile a couple times, plenty of interesting action scenes throughout, and I liked the story of the evil father versus…