Karen Voight: Burn & Firm – Circuit Training

Circuit training is the best way to slim down and build muscles at the same time. By kicking up your heart rate and having more muscle on your body, you can enjoy what you eat and still control your weight Here are a variety of circuit training programs designed to get every part of your body in terrific shape: Cardio Circuits: are fun and motivating ways to boost your energy and burn up fat. Strength Training Circuits: Firm and build more muscle so your body eats up calories around the clock. You’ll train your upper body with weights and sculpt your lower body without weights for a lean, well-defined look. With all these different circuits to choose from, you’ll zero in on what your body needs have workouts that fit your schedule and never get bored.

Product Features

  • Reshape your whole body with this energizing circuit 45 min. training program.
  • Alternate low-impact cardio circuits with strength training circuits to boost your energy, burn fat and build strength for a lean, well-defined look.
  • You’ll need a pair of 5-8 lb. dumbbells to train your upper body and we’ll use your own body’s weight as resistance to sculpt your lower body.
  • It’s one of the best way to slim down, shape up, enjoy what you eat and still control your weight.
  • DVD Bonus: If your’re tight on time, just click on the shorter upper body, lower body or cardio circuits.

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Anonymous on 11/13/2018 at 6:56 AM.

GREAT WORKOUT BUT POOR SOUND! Great overall workout for cardio and toning. Don’t use more than recommended weight of 5-8 lbs as there are a lot of reps for each set and with heavier weight will most likely cause joint paint as it did when I tried upping the weight. My only criticism is that I bought this DVD to replace my VHS copy of this workout which had distorted, static/humming sound in background. Sound is clear on this DVD but does not sound very loud even at the highest level. I always find that playing my…

Anonymous on 11/13/2018 at 7:19 AM.

Effective Circuit Training That Keeps Me in Shape! I enjoy “circuit training” workouts because while I know the importance of aerobic training, for me, I like the combination of performing aerobics/weights/aerobics/weights…Karen Voight’s “Burn & Firm Circuit Training” does exactly that…burns and firms! The DVD is set up so that one may workout on several levels: The entire “circuit,” a “double circuit,” “aerobics only,” “weights only,” “abdominals only.” When I first did the workout, I was surprised at how quickly the entire circuit went…

Anonymous on 11/13/2018 at 7:47 AM.

I LOVE the workout, and will use it a lot. However, I’m giving it this low rating because the product was promoted as “New” and “Factory Sealed”. Far from it! The case was very worn, and sealed with tape on each end. The original UPC code on the ends was marked through with magic marker. I can’t tell whether or not this may be a “bootleg” workout, as the dvd works very well; however, the marked out UPC is suspicious! Shipping was fast, and I did appreciate that. However…