Joomla! 3 SEO and Performance

Joomla 3 SEO and Performance is a concise, 150-page book that helps you to build websites that dominate search engine rankings and have super-fast load times, giving your sites an increased audience. The book takes a very practical approach full of real-world examples. It does not just provide instructions, but also teaches you the logic behind what you are doing. It will make you breathe SEO while building your websites, which is the only way to success.

Joomla 3 SEO and Performance starts with the Joomla core SEO possibilities. It shows how even if you are a relative newcomer to Joomla you will be able to build sites that rank high in Google without having to install complicated plugins. The remaining chapters dig much deeper, both into Joomla, and into the use of SEO plugins and extensions with a full chapter dedicated to SH404SEF, probably the best SEO extension for Joomla. In order to keep the visitors that you acquire, Joomla 3 SEO and Performance also shows you how to make your website load faster. This is achieved using Joomla core features as well as plugins. You will be stunned how easy it is to achieve massive improvements!

Joomla 3 SEO & Performance:

• Walks you through the Joomla SEO options, both basic and advanced

• Teaches you to breathe SEO while building your websites

• Teaches you how to make your websites screaming fast

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Anonymous on 11/20/2018 at 3:35 PM.

short book that is chock full of useful tips and links to resources that Joomla Simon Kloostra’s book, Joomla! 3 SEO and Performance, is a very focused, short book that is chock full of useful tips and links to resources that Joomla! website developers and administrators may not be aware of. As a long-time Joomla! user and founding member of the Northern Virginia Joomla! Users Group, I find that this book fills a gap on my Joomla! bookshelf.Simon Kloostra (see his site at is clearly an authority on Joomla! and SEO, but he avoids unnecessary jargon,…

Anonymous on 11/20/2018 at 3:47 PM.

Great content, worth buying, but difficult to read at times because of so many typos. Great content, covers everything I wanted to see and learn about.But the book seriously needed someone to proof it and typeset it better than the local desktop publisher. There are typos from start to finish, sometimes two or three on a page if you include grammar. And the page layout is terrible, the terms widows and orphans apparently is not in this typesetters vocabulary. So it makes the book difficult to read at times and you have to play a game of which word would make the most…

Anonymous on 11/20/2018 at 4:08 PM.

Everything a SEO beginner needs This book is a list of the most essential things a web designer must do in order to achieve the requirements of search engines and finally, a good ranking. I write this review as a SEO beginner, not as expert. In the process of reading I highlighted most of the titles and key phrases in the book that represent the elements of a list that is good enough for a beginner to start their web site optimization. The book contains many useful links and extension recommendations for Joomla that helped me…