How To Start Your Fashion Company (Boutique + E Commerce Website) Workshop

Learn how to go from a concept to owning a hip brick & mortar or e-commerce boutique! Purchase this DVD and learn from a Fashion Expert with over 20 years industry experience how to implement your idea of opening a boutique or starting an e-commerce website into an actual business that appeals to your customer and is marketed for success. Learn how to set up shop & scout location-location-location, where to find great lines and how to buy them, how to mark-up for profitability, learn ALL the business aspects including writing business plans, smart tips on financing your business, negotiating your lease, do’s & don’ts to remain open after the business is started, establishing store policies, choosing a domain name, setting up merchant accounts, staffing your store, hosting your site, finding a skilled web designer, finding your customer & generating sales, and much more! It even comes with a detailed Resource Guide containing tons of contacts & resources that will help you along the way.

The Workshop DVD is extremely thorough. You will gain knowledge on ALL aspects of starting or growing your retail business. In fact, you are NOT likely to find all of this information in any one place, as it provides invaluable consolidated information based on First Hand experience. Visit for more details.

Product Features

  • ALL key aspects are spelled out and easy to understand.
  • You can email us with questions, after you’ve viewed the workshop.
  • You can watch it over and over as you proceed with starting your company.
  • Comes with detailed Resource Guide.

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