Hollywood: Streets of Gold

Lights, Camera, Hollywood! From the western to the musical, Hollywood has dramatically shaped the motion picture industry. Witness the Golden Age of Cinema from its beginnings to the advent of sound in “Hollywood: The Golden Years”. Henry Fonda narrates and looks into the lives, performances, mystique of the iconic personalities that made Hollywood the glamour capital of the world in “Hollywood: The Great Stars”. One of the most talked about and least understood of these personalities is the “Legend of Marilyn Monroe”. Debuting just two years after her death, this documentary traces the life and tragic death of one of the most popular movie icons of all time. Learn more about “Hollywood: The Selznick Years” as Henry Fonda interviews the legendary Ingrid Bergman, Katharine Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Rock Hudson plus many more Hollywood insiders! No need to hold back your laughter as Carol Burnett, Richard Pryor, Burt Reynolds, and Jack Lemmon host “Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter”! This documentary reflects 60 years of great moments in film comedy, from the 1920s to present.

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Hollywood Gold

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Hollywood history