How To Fail Your Job Interview

Don’t be off-hand or rude to the receptionist when you arrive for your interview. Remember she’s not just a lowly minion. Think about what she does. She answers the company’s phones and meets its visitors. You can be sure the department manager will take notice of her.

Be sure to make a good first impression. Be well dressed and not just in any old suite.
Make sure your hair is tidy and definitely have a shave.

Make sure you do not grunt replies to any small talk as if you are not interested.
Do not give the impression that you are there to impress them with all your many qualities rather than listening to their interests. You might think you are only there to rush to the end of the interview and then expect them to quickly appoint you to the job.

Whatever else you do, make sure you do not forget to turn your phone off before the interview starts. When it rings during the interview because you have forgotten it, do not let it be important to you and therefore has to be answered. The interview cannot wait for you.

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