Dragon Ball Super: Part Eight [Blu-ray]

With Buu out of commission, and in order to complete their roster, Goku recruits an old enemy as the 7th Universe’s final teammate. However, the other universes aren’t keen on letting this new foe join the fight. The stage is set, and the Tournament of Power finally starts! Can the Z Fighters last against an onslaught of targeted aggression, or will personal grudges mark the beginning of the end?!

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Anonymous on 05/12/2019 at 4:00 AM.

Universes assemble! Tournament of Power This set covers episodes 92-104. We finally see the 7th universe team together (maybe a little different than we expected???) as they embark on a new journey… The battle for survival begins! The really cool part about this set is the reveal of the other universes’ teams. As I’ve followed this arc on Toonami, the dub seems to be getting more creative with their translating rather than simply translating exclusively from the original, Japanese dub. This is a turn off for some, but I don’t mind…

Anonymous on 05/12/2019 at 4:29 AM.

The fun ends here, but there’s still a little left. All the fun and intrigue of the filler and buildup episodes of the series come to a close and make way for the steaming pile that is the series’ flat action sequences and pain-inducing reliance on author convenience and “plot armor”. Let’s enjoy the filler episodes while we can, though, because some of them are actually pretty dreadful (in an exciting storytelling kind of way; there’s even payoff that isn’t disappointing later on! That never happens in Dragon Ball Super) or exciting in a few…

Anonymous on 05/12/2019 at 4:59 AM.

I am a long time fan of dragon ball franchise and owned almost all the video types in the eaely 2000’s and if i could’ve i would’ve got them all but i had cloae to all thw frieza, ginyu force, androids, cell, great saiyaman, babidi and boo… but not much moe after that i stopped collecting the movies at kid buu all the way to the end cuz i lost interest in dbz. so yeras later when i was 19 i got back into the whole series and spent almost all the money i had gotten back from getting seriously…