Do-It-Yourself SEO 2017: Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals

Do it Yourself SEO – Learn the Secrets of the Professionals

Beat the Competition and Learn Smart SEO Strategies that the Professionals Use

SEO traffic (aka Organic Traffic) is the most valuable traffic your website can get to generate leads and sales for your business. It’s cost-effective and it drives very targeted and relevant to your site.DIY SEO 2016 goes into the intimate details of the processes that SEO professionals use on a daily basis so that you too can get that coveted first place ranking.

  • Read the SEO strategies to stay far ahead of Google Updates and any penalty
  • How to do “proper” deep keyword research to stomp the competition
  • Study the link building power plays that can build your link authority
  • How to defeat your local competitors at Local SEO
  • Read the Secret Tricks in the On-Page Optimisation Guide
  • Suggestions for Quick Wins at each stage of the SEO cycle
  • Find out the real tools that SEO professionals use in their trade
  • Follow the Real Processes which SEO Agencies use every day!

Read about all the SEO secrets and learn how to Do-It-Yourself in this 134 page book today!

  1. Preface
    • Google Accreditations
    • SEO Book Series
  2. Introduction to “Fundamentals of SEO”
  3. What is SEO? How does Google Work?
    • A Short History of Search Engines
    • How do Search Engines Work?
    • How does Google Work? What is PageRank?
    • How do I get to the first page? How do I get the first ranking on Google?
    • There are so many updates, how do I stay relevant and up-to-date in SEO?
  4. Why is Keyword Research the most Important Step to Increase my Rankings?
    • What is a Keyword?
    • Why are Keywords at the Core of SEO?
    • You Need to Create a List of Target Keywords
    • Keyword Ranking Quick Wins
  5. On Page Optimisation: How do I Optimise my Website?
    • Webpage Structural Considerations in Website Architecture
    • HTML Markup – Treat a Webpage like a School Assignment
    • Speed up Your Website
    • Link up Your Internal Pages
    • Technical Aspects: XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt
      • XML Sitemaps
      • Robots.txt
    • Remove Duplicate Content
      • Content-based Duplicate Content Issues
      • Structural Duplicate Content Issues
    • On-Page Optimisation Quick Wins
  6. Why is Link Building an Important Part of SEO and how do I do it?
    • What is a Link? What is Anchor Text?
    • Why is Link Building Important to Ranking Highly on Google?
    • The Truth about Link Building
    • Not Every Link is Equal: Link Relevancy, Popularity and Trust
    • Link Building Techniques
    • Why You Should Clean up Your Act
    • Link Building Quick Wins
  7. Why Should I be Blogging and using Social Media for SEO?
  8. What is the Semantic Web? How do I use and the Open Graph?
    • What are Microdata? What about Microformats, RDFa?
    • Why Should I Implement Microdata? Is there any impact on SEO?
    • What is the Open Graph?
  9. SEO Troubleshooting: How to Solve Everyday SEO Problems
    • My Website Doesn’t Appear at All on Google
    • My Website is not on the First Page
    • My Business is not Appearing as the First Search Result
    • My Website Rankings are Falling, What do I do?
    • My Website has been Penalised, what should I do?
    • Just Ask to get Free Professional SEO Consulting
  10. The Importance of Local SEO for Local and Big Businesses
  11. Bonus Chapter: Important Google Algorithm updates (Updated Late 2015)
  12. SEO Tools of the Trade
  13. How Can I use Web Analytics for my SEO?
  14. Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

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MJ on 11/06/2017 at 11:49 PM.

Just what I needed. No Fluff, Actionable Instructions. Just what I needed. There’s no fluff puffy pieces of text, jumps straight into the action. Actionable instructions, structured advice. Lots of this information is available online already, but having a reference book which steps me through what I need to do is just what I needed. There is a new book by the same author which looks interesting and will be on my list to buy: …