Discovering God’s Will DVD

God has a personal vision for our lives, and He wants us to know it even more than we do. But determining God’s will can be a difficult process, especially when we need to make a decision in a hurry. The Discovering God’s Will DVD and its companion study guide, designed for small groups or personal study, take you through the important steps of decision making, pursuing God’s will, seeking counsel from others, learning to use discernment, and understanding the mind of God through Scripture as you seek His will. The DVD includes 4 complete sermons and eight 12- to 15-minute group sessions that correspond with the study guide. The study guide, which includes a leader’s guide, will help outline the amazing plan God has in mind for your life.

Product Features

  • Four-Part Sermon Series consisting of “The Adventure Begins”; “Asking for Directions”; “Checking the Compass”; and “Unfolding the Map”.
  • Eight-part Group Study Curriculum consisting of “Decidions, Decisions…”; “Are You Ready for This?”; “A State of Emergency”; “Getting to the Good Stuff”; “A View from the Top”; “Inside the Mind of God”; “The Big Picture”; “This One Thing”.

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Discovering God’s Will DVD

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