Deadly Impact

Prepare yourself for Deadly Impact – the white-knuckle action-thriller starring Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints franchise) and Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix franchise). Hard-nosed cop Thomas Armstrong’s life was shattered when he became the helpless target of a mastermind assassin. Now the killer has returned to terrorize the city with an explosive game of cat and mouse. In a thrilling race against time, Armstrong must stay one step ahead to capture the madman and save innocent lives.Joe Pantoliano (Memento, The Matrix) gives a jolt to everything he’s in, and Deadly Impact is no exception. Pantoliano plays a mad bomber called the Lion, who takes a personal relish in brutally punishing Tom Armstrong, a cop who gets too close (Sean Patrick Flanery of cult favorite The Boondock Saints). Tom goes to seed in Mexico, but an FBI agent (Carmen Serano, Breaking Bad) lures him to Albuquerque, where the Lion is pulling out all the stops. Deadly Impact is pretty generic, as the bland title might suggest, and Flanery doesn’t provide much flavor. But Pantoliano drives the movie forward through sheer nerve. He never pushes or goes for flash (which is surprising, since most of the movie is bending over backward to be intense), yet he’s compulsively watchable. Half the time you don’t even see him, you just hear his nasal voice, insinuating and ruthless, tossing out threats with blithe efficiency. He’s a scary guy precisely because he’s not trying to be; he’s just got things to do, and if Armstrong gets in his way… well that’s too bad. Pantoliano injects everything he does with a sneaky sort of wit, like he’s in on a joke that no one else gets. –Bret Fetzer

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Nycmon on 12/29/2017 at 1:56 AM.

High School AV project maybe?

Steve on 12/29/2017 at 2:06 AM.

You can run, and you can hide, but you can’t keep me from exploding you Very exciting and suspenseful action packed movie. Reminded me of Speed in the chase of the crazy bomber on the loose. As much as I want tell you about the movie I can’t because you must see and follow the story to the conclusion. The special effects were very good for I think this was a TV movie released in 2008. The acting was good for the most part, you could tell at times which actors and actresses where still learning their trade craft but that did never slow down the theme or explosions…