Credible Source For Mississippi Birth Certificate Searches

The best way to prove the existence of someone is through the use of birth records like Mississippi Birth Certificate because these are the official records of the government in regards to the birth of the person named in the record. One may ask why there is a need to prove that someone was born when it is obvious that a person had been born because they are already dealing with said person, but it must be remembered that, with the advent of technology, a person could actually be dealing with a programmed machine and not even know about it because they are making deals over long distances through the internet or some other network. By confirming the fact of the birth of the person, incidents like these could be lessened, though not really prevented.

Birth records, as the official records of the government, are afforded the presumption of regularity, which means that, absent any evidence to the contrary, that which is written on the face of the record would be considered to be true and accurate. It shall be the burden of the party who would claim that the records are false to prove their allegation. Note, however, that the presumption does not apply if the records were not obtained from the official sources. Note further that the record could only prove that which is written on the face of the record and nothing else, a limitation that all government records would share with each other.

These records are also public records, and this designation means that any person can make the request for copies of these records at any time provided that their request would comply with the minimal requirements which would include following the proper procedure and paying for the fee. It is through the fee that the government would control those who would obtain the records, for in theory; it is possible for anyone to make the request, but the fact that there is fee means that only those with legitimate interest would typically make the request. Note that the fee is not actually that high.

A request for copies of the records may be done at the state or national level through the state department of health. Note that at the state level, there are many record that would have to be checked, hence, it would take some time to accomplish the request and this is not helped by the fact that the procedure for making the request at this level would be to make the request through the mail, which means that the office could not actually work on the request until they had received the proper forms and had made sure that the forms follow the prescribed procedure. A search at this level may take anywhere between six to eight weeks.

Mississippi Vital Records may also be viewed online through the use of online databases, and most of these archives would also allow copies to be downloaded from their servers, but it must be noted that these are not official sources, hence, there is no presumption of regularity, even if their records are substantially the same as that which may be found from the official archives. They could also present their information faster, more efficiently, and cheaper.

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