Chuck D’s Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Vol. 1

As Hip Hop moves toward 25 years in recorded Rap music I’m pleased to introduce a series that documents people, music, video, and interviews reflecting the Rap scene. These DVDs will be as entertaining as they are informative and educational, on one of t

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Hype Currie on 09/01/2018 at 2:06 AM.

Very Nice nostalgia piece from the Golden Age of Rap good stuff here.. old-school interviews and behind the scenes footage of different artists.. ice t, too short, ice cube, afrika bambaataa, chuck d, krs, rakim, chubb rock, cult legend spyder d..some short concert excerpts from RUN DMC, including the late Jam Master Jay, circa 2002..Concert excerpts from the blastmaster krs-one– makes me hungry for a full-length dvd, or three.. yo Kris, what gives?!audio lecture from hip-hop journalist/commentator Davey D…