Choosing Method In Getting New York Divorce Records

One of the most accessed records in New York Divorce Records. There are two types of New York divorce records which you can choose from depending on the need: The divorce certificate and the divorce decree.

Every time a couple separates, a divorce certificate is created to document the separation of a couple. One can find only the basic information about the divorce such as name of the husband and wife along with the date of marriage. It would also be indicated on the record when and where the separation was finalized and made legal. Only records dated from January 1, 1963 are available at the New York Department of Health.

The other form of divorce record in New York is the divorce decree which contains much more detailed information about the couple’s separation. One can find the terms and conditions agreed during the separation. The decree would require the signature of the judge who approved the separation. It would also be indicated on the record the division of the liabilities and assets of both couple along with the custody and the visitation of the child. The divorce decree can only be requested and obtained from the county where the couple was legally separated. Only records from January 1, 1963 are also available.

The most common use of a divorce record in New York is to marry again. It is also used when conducting a research on the family history. One will be asked of such document when migrating to a different country.

Just like any other public records in New York, only authorized people can gain access to the divorce record but the couple can always obtain a copy of it. Person, other than the couple would be required to provide a court order in order to get a copy of the file. One will be asked to pay a $30 fee and present their government issued ID in order to have the request processed. One will also be required to provide their information for documentation purposes.

The divorce record can be requested in several methods. One can call the office and request from there and it should take only 5-7 days to get the file. One can also send a priority mail o the office which can take a maximum of 3 weeks. Regular mail request can take up to 8 weeks or two months. The development of the Internet has improved the waiting time. Using the Internet to get a copy of the record is a lot easier and the results can be obtained within minutes. This method can save time and effort since one does not have to go to the office to file the request.

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