Cat Behaviors

Most who have pets choose to have a cat or a dog. You can almost tell someone’s personality by the pet that they own. Both make great pets, but there are huge differences in owning each of them. One major difference is that while you can usually tell what a dog is thinking and why they are doing something, many cat behaviors tend to make no sense. Though this can be confusing, that is one of the great things about owning a cat. They remain much of a mystery, and trying to figure out why they are doing what they are doing can be a lot of fun.

Ask the Veterinarian

Most know the basics of cat behaviors. Kittens are often full of energy and love to play. Most people know this is because they are learning to ‘hunt’, even though they really have no need for this skill in our modern world. What looks like play is actually a life survival skills for that species. This makes kittens a lot of fun, and this is probably the most common of the cat behaviors that everyone sees in a new kitten when they bring them home for the first time. Many kittens also do something called ‘mixing bread’ which is something they do when nursing. Some outgrow the urge and some do not.

Other cat behaviors are a bit harder to read. Some cats outgrow kitten-hood and they are calm and sleep for most of the day, at least it seems. However, there are times when they will suddenly seem to revert to kitten-hood, and they will have what some call the night crazies. This is when they are suddenly attacking and playing with anything that catches their eye. This could mean your shoes, the drapes, or even something small that has dropped onto the floor. Some think this is due to the fact that cats are awake at night, and they get a burst of energy when the sun goes down that they would need for hunting when in the wild.

Some cat behaviors are learned through environment. Some like to sleep in odd places, and that might come from that fact that there are children in the house, or perhaps they are living in a house that has a lot of company dropping by. They find places where they can see what is going on while feeling that they are out of the way and out of reach. Some cat behaviors are unexplainable, and if your pet develops one out of nowhere that seems abnormal to you, you may want to see if there is a medical reason for the behavior. Sometimes, they do strange things to try to tell us something is wrong.

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