Arduino: Getting Started With Arduino: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (Arduino 101, Arduino sketches, Complete beginners guide, Programming, Raspberry Pi 2, xml, c++, Ruby, html, php, Robots)

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Whether you’ve just bought yourself your first Arduino or you’re thinking of buying one and would like to know more before taking the plunge, this book will provide you with all the information you need to take the first steps into the amazing world of Arduino!

Written with the absolute beginner in mind, we’ll be cover all of the essentials and answering all of the questions an Arduino “newbie” is likely to have. We’ll look closely at areas such as:

  • Why choose Arduino – What it is and why it’s the platform to go for
  • Getting to grips with the components of your Arduino
  • The operating systems that your Arduino will run on
  • The multitude of uses Arduino is suitable for
  • A thorough breakdown of the anatomy of an Arduino board
  • An introduction to the various Arduino models available and the differences between each
  • Just what is Genuino?
  • How to set up the software required for the operation of your Arduino
  • How to set up the board
  • How to install the required drivers
  • Launching the Arduino board
  • Creating your first Arduino sketch
  • Uploading sketches to your Arduino board
  • Troubleshooting when things don’t go smoothly
  • Your first Arduino project! – A step by step guid to your very first Arduino project!
  • Arduino survival lingo – All of the technical terms you’re likely to encounter in the world of Arduino
  • Essential resources and further reading – A comprehensive introduction to recommended resources (broken down by difficulty level) for you to move on to when you feel ready to progress to more challenging projects.
  • And as a bonus, I’ve also included a FREE BOOK and other great surprises!

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XXXION on 06/23/2016 at 6:46 AM.

This brief read is a great way for someone to learn more about Arduino and get started with it! Arduino is an open source platform that can be used to make electronic projects. This Arduino guide talk about what it is, main components of the board, types of Arduino boards, some basic commands and also gives some step by step examples on what you can build.This great guide is filled with solid, simple, working examples with good, concise explanations. It delivers on the title – it gets you started with basics, tips & tricks, projects for various functionality. The basics of Arduino starts…

Henry Tupas on 06/23/2016 at 7:10 AM.

Everything you need to know about Arduino If you’re an Arduino “newbie” then you have to download this book because it contains every information you need to know about this innovative and revolutionary platform. You’ll also learn how to set up the required software for the operation of this circuit and micro controller programming, how to launch Arduino, how to create your first Arduino sketch project and many more technicalities and adventure. If you’re simply aiming to complete the basic apprenticeship…