2009 New York Yankees: The Official World Series Film

The New York Yankees Are Once Again World Series Champions!

The Yankees won their record 27th World Series Championship with a thrilling six game victory over the National League Champion Philadelphia Philles. Now you can relive all the excitement with the Official 2009 World Series Film on DVD. From Jeter to Rivera to A-Rod and C.C. its all here. Get all the drama, game action, behind-the-scenes access and in-depth interviews a Yankees fan could want. The Official 2009 World Series Film on DVD features an adrenaline-filled feature-length film, highlights from the entire postseason and incisive bonus features.

Bonus Features

* ALDS Game 2: Mark Teixeira walk-off Homerun

* ALDS Game 2: Alex Rodriguez Homerun

* ALCS Game 2: Alex Rodriguez Homerun

* ALCS Game 2: Yankees walk-off win

* ALCS Game 6: Last out

* World Series Game 3: Alex Rodriguez Homerun

* World Series Game 4: Johnny Damon 9th inning at-bat

* World Series Game 4: Johnny Damon stealing 2nd and 3rd base

* World Series Game 4: Alex Rodriguez 9th inning double

* World Series Game 6: Hideki Matsui Homerun

* World Series Game 6: Hideki Matsui 2-run single

* World Series Game 6: Hideki Matsui 2-run double

* Final 3 outs of the World Series and celebration

* Player reactions

Product Features

  • Officially licensed by the MLB
  • Officially licensed by the New York Yankees
  • Top-Quality, manufactured by Virgil Films and Entertainment

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Michael A. Newman on 03/24/2015 at 10:26 PM.

The Perfect “Gift” for a Yankee Fan MLB Productions has done their usual great job of producing this perspective of the 2009 World Series and especially, why this championship is so special to the Yankee franchise. It is themed with the concept of “27” which represents how many titles the Yankees have won to date. It also, plays out how this championship is the first for “new” Yankee Stadium and it is the fifth championship for four of the Yankee mainstays from the 1996 teams. It is obviously a “must-have” for any Yankee fan’s…

krazedant on 03/24/2015 at 10:55 PM.

MUST-HAVE FOR YANKEE FANS! I watched the entire bluray last night and I have to say that if you are a true diehard Yankee fan, this bluray is a must-have. This is basically a 1-hour 25-minute film documenting the New York Yankees’ 2009 World Series win over the Philadelphia Phillies. Here’s how the film breaks down…The first 20 minutes or so documents the Yankees’ regular season as they attempt to capture their 27th World Championship. They also have a brief section showing the Philadelphia Phillies and…

MJH on 03/24/2015 at 10:59 PM.

Love the story, but hate the style I preface this by saying that I am a Yankee fan, and so I was predisposed to want to love the video. And the storytelling aspect of it is excellent. Despite that, I find this video almost unwatchable. My critique is of the filmmaking. MLB productions seems to think that there’s a law against showing an entire baseball hit in a single shot, from ball hitting the bat to its landing. So a typical home run will look like this: 1) ball hits bat; 2) quick cut to pitcher; 3) quick cut to dugout…