Episode 7

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Peppermint [Blu-ray]

Young mother Riley North (Garner) awakens from a coma after her husband and daughter are killed in a brutal attack on the family. When the system frustratingly shields the murderers from justice, Riley sets out to transform herself from citizen to urban guerilla. Channeling her frustration into personal motivation, she spends years in hiding honing her mind, body and spirit to become an unstoppable force – eluding the underworld, the LAPD and the FBI – as she methodically delivers her personal brand of justice. From the director of Taken, this film is being hailed by critics as “a total adrenaline rush from start to finish!” (Dave Morales, Fox TV Houston).

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Blue River / Gone to Texas

Sam Elliott is Texas Revolutionary Sam Houston in this sweeping epic of warring nations, patriotic pride, and the adventure and danger of the untamed West. After resigning as Tennessee Governor amid scandal and disgrace, Houston lived among the Cherokee before learning that war was inevitable for Texas to become an independent state. An American hero of the West, Sam Houston led the fight for Texas’ independence-—this is the story of a courageous man and, in the name of freedom, the battle he waged for a million acres of land.

Based on the novel by Ethan Canin, Blue River depicts the powerful events that unfold in a small Wisconsin town, driving two teenage brothers apart. The story begins when Lawrence Sellers (Jerry O’Connell), a homeless drifter, unexpectedly shows up at the home of his brother Edward (Neal McDonough), a successful doctor, and the two are forced to travel back to their youth and remember the deadly circumstances of their breach. Co-Starring Sam Elliott.

Product Features

  • Factory sealed DVD

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In INCREDIBLES 2, Helen is called on to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, while Bob navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home with Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack — whose superpowers are about to be discovered. Their mission is derailed, however, when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot that threatens everything. But the Parrs don’t shy away from a challenge, especially with Frozone by their side. That’s what makes this family so INCREDIBLE.

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On the Farm with Bob: The Prodigal Pig

Porkchop the Pig teaches the story of the Prodigal Son in a funny and memorable way!

Product Features

  • Flying Rhinoceros
  • 023755416094
  • 1400320267

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Smallfoot (2018) (BD) [Blu-ray]


Smallfoot (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Combo Pack) (BD)

An animated adventure for all ages, with original music and an all-star cast, “Smallfoot” turns the Bigfoot legend upside down when a bright young Yeti (Channing Tatum) finds something he thought didn’t exist—a human. News of this “smallfoot” (James Corden) brings him fame and a chance with the girl of his dreams. It also throws the simple Yeti community into an uproar over what else might be out there in the big world beyond their snowy village, in a rollicking story about friendship, courage and the joy of discovery


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Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional

Beginning PHP 5 E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional is an ideal reference for intermediate PHP 5 and MySQL developers, and programmers familiar with web development technologies. This book covers every step of the design and build process, and provides rich examples that will enable you to build high-quality, extendable e-commerce websites.

Furthermore, this book covers site building in three phases. Phase one results in a live website, with an attractive interface and fully searchable product catalog. Next, phase two explains adding facilities to increase sales through cross-selling, upselling, and enhancing customer service. Finally, phase three seeks to reduce costs through automated order processing and integrating with other systems via XML Web services.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Venom [Blu-ray]

The evolution story of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass character – Venom! Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a broken man after he loses everything including his job and fiancée. Just when his life is at its lowest, he becomes host to an alien symbiote which results in extraordinary superpowers – transforming him into Venom. Will these powers be enough for this new lethal protector to defeat great evil forces, especially against the far stronger and more weaponized symbiote rival, Riot?

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Make Money Online: Your Ecommerce Store

At Get Digital World, our core mission is your success. This is why we provide all the tools needed for you to succeed. Imagine. Having dozens of libraries of all the tools you need to get the job done! Much more than just “Training” . In This Course: Make Money Online: Your Ecommerce Store Discover How To Get Your Piece Of The Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Pie, Even If You Have ZERO Online Experience.. Inside This Step-By-Step Guide To eCommerce, You’ll Discover : – How to get started with ecommerce even if you’ve never made a penny online before! – Why now is the time to get started with eCommerce and position yourself for BIG profits! – How to find products that will sell like crazy. – The best platform to use to setup your first ecommerce store… even if you don’t have any technical skills. – The key to a store that people feel comfortable buying from. – The simple add-ons to your site that will double or even triple your sales with just a few clicks of your mouse. – The fastest way to get traffic to your online store and start making money right away. – How to quickly scale your income up to the six or even seven figure range. – The simple traffic method that makes it easy to get sales flowing and keep them coming. – The insider trick to getting products to sell without having to store your own inventory. – How to make money giving products away. – Plus, a whole lot more. Part #1 What is e-Commerce and why you should take notice Part #2 An introduction to e-Commerce Business models Part #3 Creating your online store part 1 – Your Website Part #4 Creating your online store part 2 – your eCommerce store Platform Part #5 Creating a shopify site Part #6 Creating a woocommerce store Part #7 Designing a store that will sell Part #8 Ways to generate more sales with priciing and persuative writing Part #9 Marketing for e-commerce store Part #10 Starting your e-commerce business

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Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (2018 Model)

Front row, center stage. This 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player delivers the impeccable clarity of 4K and stunning detail of high dynamic range. Get the best seat in the house and lose yourself in incredible picture quality and advanced surround sound. Play almost any media disc, or stream 4K content from your favorite streaming services.

Product Features

  • See the unrivalled visual clarity of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • Play almost any disc and file format
  • Stunning picture with 4K upscaling up to 60p
  • Hear the way the artists truly intended with Hi-Res Audio
  • Listen to music from multiple formats
  • Dual HDMI outputs for A/V separation and clearer sound
  • In the box: Instruction Manual (Full manual / Web manual), EULA (Flyer) (English, French), Remote Control (RMT-VB201U), Batteries (Type AAA x 2), Customer Registration Card, Warranty Card (1 year)

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The Critters Collection [Blu-ray]

They&#146re back and ready to devour your Blu-ray player!
The terrifying and tiny menaces are out in full force with this four-film collection packed with enough Special Features to make any fan&#146s mouth water!
In Critters, the terrified Brown family are trapped in a deadly nightmare and must fight for their lives against a litter of extraterrestrial, bloodthirsty monsters. But it&#146s a losing battle until two intergalactic bounty hunters arrive, determined to blow the creatures off the planet! In Critters 2: The Main Course, some eggs have survived and are popping open, bringing another horde of the little creatures! Brad Brown (Scott Grimes) returns to fight them along with three bounty hunters. Critters 3 stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Josh, a beleaguered Angelino who must lead the fight against the little monsters as they invade an L.A. apartment building. In the final film, Critters 4, a super strain of genetically engineered monsters are designed to take over the universe. This time, Brad Dourif and Angela Bassett must battle the little bloodthirsty hairballs.

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Make Money Online: Your Ecommerce Complete Blueprint For Newbies

At Get Digital World, our core mission is your success. This is why we provide all the tools needed for you to succeed. Imagine. Having dozens of libraries of all the tools you need to get the job done! Much more than just “Training” . In This Course: Make Money Online: Your Ecommerce Complete Blueprint For Newbies The Blueprint was created not only to end the struggles that most newbies face when it comes to building their online business. Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Amazingly Simple Course: Part 1: Amazon 1. Why Be An Amazon Affiliate? 2. How To Register For Amazon Affiliate Program 3. How To Get Amazon Affiliate Approval 4. How To Identify Bestsellers On Amazon 5. Keywords Research (Google Adword, Google Trend) 6. Your Amazon Affiliate Site Blueprint 7. Ultimate Copy Formula For Your Website Post 8. How To Get Traffic To Your Amazon Affiliate Site 9. How To Optimize Your Landing Page 10. How To Scale Your Amazon Affiliate Business Part 2: eBay 1. Why eBay? 2. Setting Up Your eBay Store 3. How To Identify Hot Selling Products? 4. Essential eBay Vendor Tools 5. How To Source Items? 6. How To Sell On eBay? 7. Shipping Logistics 8. Price Point Strategy On eBay 9. eBay Traffic Building Strategies 10. How To Scale Your eBay Business Part 3: Shopify 1. Shopify At A Glance 2. Getting Started With Shopify 3. How To Set Up Your Shopify E-store 4. How To Identify Hot Selling Products For Your Shopify Store 5. Shopify Optimization 6. Launching Your E-store 7. How To Generate Traffic To Shopify 8. How To Optimize Your Store 9. Shopify Apps To Drive More Traffic 10. How To Start Your Affiliate Program As A Vendor Part 4: Starting Your E-Commerce Website 1. Why You Should Start Your Own E-Commerce Business 2. Social Media Content Strategy 3. Targeting Your Traffic 4. Using Live Chat Services 5. How To Build Your E-Commerce Mailing List 6. Building Up Your Affiliate Army 7. Retargeting Marketing 8. Logistics Outsourcing 9. O To O (Online To Offline) 10. Secrets To Boosts Your E-Commerce Sales

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Monterey County Death Notices Open To Public

It’s way much easier to accomplish the request on Monterey County Death Notices nowadays because the local citizen can now perform request within their locality. Meaning they’ll pull-within the pointed out records very rapidly in comparison with how in older occasions done where it could take days additionally to days before the requested records are acquired. Good job inside the officials who’re capable of initiate such changes applying this really brings a great deal convenience for that residents living within the county.

Many reasons exist for why such public information are increasingly more more being updated and stored when using the government. To start with, they are being searched for to determine if a person died already otherwise yet. Everybody is after it when using the intention to gather more understanding regarding roots and possibly organize a clan reunion after knowing all the names inside the relatives of individuals individuals who’ve died already. It’s very interesting how it’s possible only through searching what they’re known as of individuals inside the Monterey County Dying Records.

Dying records contain all the relevant info on the demise individual. Such details may include the particular person, date after they died, location of dying, time whether or not this was recorded coupled with cause of dying. If you do not own this sort of record then you definitely certainly certainly certainly certainly unquestionably are essential to check out the requirements work concerned would inform you to stay with. They frequently occasions occasions would love you to certainly certainly create a valid ID together with your license, passport, social security card, health card, or any other government-issued ID which shows your current photo and signature there.

As being a legal citizen in Monterey, there is a to utilize of individuals legal records based on mandate when using the law. The area officials coupled with county clerk holds this sort of request required for requesting party. These come in somewhat fee that should be reasonable enough you need to afford to be able to retain the information inside your request. Everything you could do this this this can be prove that you are the most effective resident in Monterey you need to be permitted to complete searching.

Nonetheless the fantastic factor is these Monterey County Dying Notices are really shipped to public consumption online and so the steps to acquire such records wouldn’t be that tedious. This is actually the man or lady plus numerous info on them. Basically, an online-based-based records option is a helpful gadget you can maximize to satisfy your requirements to be able to retain the legal results that you’d like. The cost that’s incurred needs to be reasonable enough for the rash service you can actually understanding about past acquiring the pointed out public information today.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls [Blu-ray]

In the tradition of Amblin classics where fantastical events occur in the most unexpected places, Jack Black and two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett star in The House with a Clock in Its Walls. The magical adventure tells the spine-tingling tale of 10-year-old Lewis (Owen Vaccaro), who goes to live with his uncle in a creaky old house with a mysterious tick-tocking heart. But his new town’s sleepy façade jolts to life with a secret world of warlocks and witches. Based on the beloved children’s classic book.

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Joomla! 3 SEO and Performance

Joomla 3 SEO and Performance is a concise, 150-page book that helps you to build websites that dominate search engine rankings and have super-fast load times, giving your sites an increased audience. The book takes a very practical approach full of real-world examples. It does not just provide instructions, but also teaches you the logic behind what you are doing. It will make you breathe SEO while building your websites, which is the only way to success.

Joomla 3 SEO and Performance starts with the Joomla core SEO possibilities. It shows how even if you are a relative newcomer to Joomla you will be able to build sites that rank high in Google without having to install complicated plugins. The remaining chapters dig much deeper, both into Joomla, and into the use of SEO plugins and extensions with a full chapter dedicated to SH404SEF, probably the best SEO extension for Joomla. In order to keep the visitors that you acquire, Joomla 3 SEO and Performance also shows you how to make your website load faster. This is achieved using Joomla core features as well as plugins. You will be stunned how easy it is to achieve massive improvements!

Joomla 3 SEO & Performance:

• Walks you through the Joomla SEO options, both basic and advanced

• Teaches you to breathe SEO while building your websites

• Teaches you how to make your websites screaming fast

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The Penguins of Madagascar: I Was a Penguin Zombie

IT’S MAD-NESS, UTTER MADNESS! Don’t cover your eyes or you’ll miss the most daring, most shocking Penguins missions ever. Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico will come face-to-face with zombies, robots, spooky noises and a whole lot of frightening fun in this next DVD adventure. Featuring eight spooky Penguin operations including one never-before-seen mission!

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Sony WIRED Streaming Blu-Ray/DVD Disc Player BDPS 1700 (Certified Refurbished)

Stream from 300+ entertainment services, play PlayStation Now games and Blu-ray Disc movies-all from one device. Upscale everything to Full HD, while also enjoying premium sound. Quickly load and start Blu-ray and DVD discs faster than ever and even share photos, videos or music through the front USB port. A word of entertainment begins here.

Product Features

  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and includes all original accessories plus a 90-day limited hardware warranty.
  • PlayStation Now : Stream and enjoy PlayStation 3 games instantly
  • Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback & DVD upscaling
  • Easy access to apps and functions with a new customizable user-friendly interface
  • Improved boot-up and loading times with super quick start

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Mastering Modern PHP (Developer’s Library)

Mastering Modern PHP is the first intermediate-to-advanced-level PHP guide to cover contemporary best practices, advanced new PHP 7/PHP 5 features, and the best professional tools and libraries for developing modern PHP-based web applications.


Designed for experienced web programmers who cut their teeth on PHP 4 years ago, it skips the usual introduction to PHP basics and jumps right into helping you become a true modern PHP master. Renowned PHP expert John Coggeshall focuses from the ground up on object-oriented programming in PHP: an absolute requirement for modern PHP mastery.


In contrast to most PHP books, which focus on PHP’s built-in capabilities, Mastering Modern PHP helps you do what today’s true masters do: leverage well-built and well-maintained libraries to accomplish powerful tasks. Coggeshall drills down into crucial subjects ranging from unit testing and HTTP requests to logging, helping you take advantage of the PHP ecosystem’s most powerful and mature tools, including PHPUnit, GuzzleHTTP, and Monolog.

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Bohemian Rhapsody [Blu-ray]

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Building RESTful Web Services with PHP 7: Lumen, Composer, API testing, Microservices, and more

Key Features

  • Leverage the Lumen framework to build RESTful API endpoints for your applications
  • Understand how to increase efficiency and security of your web service.
  • Learn to apply the concepts by implementing the examples covered in the book

Book Description

REST is the most wide spread and effective standard to develop APIs for internet services. With the way PHP and its eco-system has modernized the way code is written by simplifying various operations, it is useful to develop RESTful APIs with PHP 7 and modern tools.

This book explains in detail how to create your own RESTful API in PHP 7 that can be consumed by other users in your organization.

Starting with a brief introduction to the fundamentals of REST architecture and the new features in PHP 7, you will learn to implement basic RESTful API endpoints using vanilla PHP. The book explains how to identify flaws in security and design and teach you how to tackle them. You will learn about composer, Lumen framework and how to make your RESTful API cleaner, secure and efficient. The book emphasizes on automated tests, teaches about different testing types and give a brief introduction to microservices which is the natural way forward.

After reading this book, you will have a clear understanding of the REST architecture and you can build a web service from scratch.

What you will learn