Sanyo FWBP505F Blu-ray Player 6FT HDMI Cable Included (Renewed)

Watch your favorite movies in stunning quality with this Sanyo FWBP505F Blu-ray Player. It features an ultra-slim design with a sleek look and fits into most any entertainment center. The Sanyo Blu-ray DVD player’s Full HD resolution of 1080p allows you to enjoy films with rich visuals and in incredible detail. The unit can also play movies from a USB drive so you can keep your media library in a more portable form. This model includes a remote control for simpler operation. It supports Dolby TrueHD/DTS sound for clearer and more immersive audio. The player has an HDMI port for connecting to a TV. The parental lock feature allows you to restrict your children from watching adult content.

Product Features

  • 1080p Full HD Blu-ray player
  • Plays back BD, DVD and USB
  • Ultra-slim Blu-ray player in black
  • Simple remote control
  • Parental lock

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SEO: Amazon vs Google: Understanding The Search Engine Differences

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce retailer and cloud services provider. The company was originally a book store but has expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media. They also sell their own electronic devices. Amazon’s search engine is driven to create the most sales.Amazon has created several millionaires. Amazon has a yearly revenue of $232 Billion USD which is growing at a rapid pace year over year. Amazon also has a market cap of $900B+ USD, which has grown over 2000% over the last 10 years. Google is the world’s largest search engine provider. Google helps you find you the answer to any question, along with necessary information such as websites, pictures, maps or videos. Google uses a web crawler that looks at the billions of websites available on the internet and examines their content to find the most important, relevant content for your search and then delivers the best links to this content instantly.Many people don’t know this however Google has also created several millionaires. This is primarily from experts in paid advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO), who’ve built businesses based on their knowledge. Google has a yearly revenue of $116 Billion USD. Google also has a market cap of $820B+ USD, which has grown over 400% over the last 10 years.What many people don’t realise, is that both Amazon and Google’s search algorithms can be manipulated. My students, consulting clients and I optimise our Amazon listings on Google so that we can gain the best results. What’s the point in having the best product or service, if no one can find it?Many people simply can’t afford my courses or consulting, yet they still need help to get the results they need for their business/businesses. That’s why I’ve created this book, to bring clarity to the way that Amazon and Google search engine work, in the simplest way possible. This way you don’t need years of experience manipulating search algorithms, to get the results you need.Did you know that by sending traffic from Google to Amazon, Amazon will reward you with greater sales on their platform?You’re probably wondering… who am I, and why should you read this book?I am a 24 year old entrepreneur and philanthropist. I use Google search engine to build successful online businesses. I’m known by my students as the king of Google. My most notable success is for helping thousands of students in Turkey become financially free on Amazon with the help of Google search engine and my business partner, Ekim Kaya.We were featured in many major news outlets for this, such as ABC, NBC and Fox. I have a following of over 95,000 people on Facebook and 30,000 on Instagram. My goal is to help more ordinary people like myself, make a living online. I was able to overcome extreme poverty to do this and I believe anyone can do the same. When I first started learning Google, I was able to create success within 6 months for a local lead generation website for the plumbing industry. It started to generate dozens of calls per month which I directed to a local business. I done this with no backlinks, just exceptional on-site content. This is when I learned the power of passive income online.I used this knowledge to create my own historic Edinburgh, exotic car tour company, which I was able to rank on the first page on Google, with less than $200, beating competition willing to pay Google ads $5-10 per click to get customers in. I then showed the success to my mentor, Ekim Kaya, and said I wanted to rank Amazon products on his store. He agreed and we thought it was going to be as easy as my previous successes. When we tried it with Amazon products, we failed. We had to learn how to manipulate the Amazon listing to get it to rank in Google. The title, features and description, along with backlinks weren’t enough. In the book, you’ll learn what we had to add to get it to rank. Once you find out, your income will skyrocket.

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Programming PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Why is PHP the most widely used programming language on the web? This updated edition teaches everything you need to know to create effective web applications using the latest features in PHP 7.3. You’ll start with the big picture and then dive into language syntax, programming techniques, and other details, using examples that illustrate both correct usage and common idioms.

If you have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, authors Kevin Tatroe and Peter MacIntyre provide style tips and practical programming advice in a clear, concise manner to help you become a top-notch PHP programmer.

  • Get an overview of what’s possible when you use PHP programs
  • Learn language fundamentals, including data types, variables, operators, and flow control statements
  • Explore functions, strings, arrays, and objects
  • Apply common web application techniques, such as form processing, data validation, session tracking, and cookies
  • Interact with relational databases like MySQL or NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • Generate dynamic images, create PDF files, and parse XML files
  • Learn secure scripts, error handling, performance tuning, and other advanced topics
  • Get a quick reference to PHP core functions and standard extensions

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The Polar Express (Widescreen Edition)


Polar Express (DVD) (WS)

Late on Christmas Eve, after the town has gone to sleep, a boy boards the mysterious train that waits for him–The Polar Express. When the boy arrives at the North Pole, Santa Claus offers him any gift he desires. The boy asks only for a bell from the harness of Santa’s reindeer. But on the way home, the bell is lost. Christmas morning, the boy finds the bell under the Christmas tree, and when he shakes it, the bell makes the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. His mother admires the bell, but she laments that it is broken … for, you see, only a true believer can hear the sound of the bell.

]]>Destined to become a holiday perennial, The Polar Express also heralded a brave new world of all-digital filmmaking. Critics and audiences were divided between those who hailed it as an instant classic that captures the visual splendor and evocative innocence of Chris Van Allsburg’s popular children’s book, and those who felt that the innovative use of “performance capture”–to accurately translate live performances into all-digital characters–was an eerie and not-quite-lifelike distraction from the story’s epic-scale North Pole adventure. In any case it’s a benign, kind-hearted celebration of the yuletide spirit, especially for kids who have almost grown out of their need to believe in Santa Claus. Tom Hanks is the nominal “star” who performs five different computer-generated characters, but it’s the visuals that steal this show, as director Robert Zemeckis indulges his tireless pursuit of technological innovation. No matter how you respond to the many wonders on display, it’s clear that The Polar Express represents a significant milestone in the digital revolution of cinema. If it also fills you with the joy of Christmas (in spite of its Nuremberg-like rally of frantic elves), so much the better. –Jeff Shannon

The World of The Polar Express

The book by Chris Van Allsburg

The Soundtrack

The Magic Journey (Polar Express the Movie) (book)

Stills from Polar Express (click for larger image)

Product Features


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Overcomer [Blu-ray]

From the creators of the #1 box-office hit WAR ROOM. Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison (ALEX KENDRICK) after he loses his basketball team and is challenged by the school’s principal, Olivia (PRISCILLA SHIRER), to coach a new sport he doesn’t know or like. As John questions his own worth, he dares to help the least likely runner take on the biggest race of the year. Filled with a powerful mix of faith, humor and heart, this inspirational story will have you on the edge of your seat.

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Keep Calm and Let The SEO Expert Handle It: 6×9″ Dot Bullet Notebook/Journal Funny Gift Idea

6×9 inch 110 page dot bullet notebook/journal

This matte cover notebook is the perfect funny gift for coworkers, family or friends. A great secret birthday gift.

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LG BPM35 / BP350 Blu-ray Disc Player with Streaming Services and Built-in Wi-Fi, 6FT HDMI Cable Included (Renewed)

LG BPM35/BP350 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player Experience your favorite movies in high-definition with the LG BPM35/BP350 Blu-Ray 3D Disc Player. Featuring full HD 1080p Playback via HDMI, 1080p Resolution Upscaling, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio; the BPM35/BP350 brings your home entertainment to a whole new level providing higher quality video and audio. The BPM35/BP350 plays back Blu-ray and DVDs and lets you sync and connect your devices via Wi-Fi or use the front-mounted USB port to connect and share content via USB. An HDMI port allows for outputting Full HD video to your external display and with onboard DLNA you can easily share pictures and music with other networked devices. You can instantly access the best internet services for your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. Additionally, the Blu-ray player features the LG remote app so you can listen through headphones and LG Music Flow support lets you send CD or USB audio to any Music Flow compatible device in your home. The LG BPM35/BP350 Blu-ray player is the perfect way to upgrade your home theatre system. Accessory Bundle HDMI Cable – connect to the player s HDMI port for outputting to an external display and enjoy the highest quality audio and video entertainment

Product Features

  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. Only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer Certified Refurbished products on
  • Plays Blu-ray & DVDs Make the most of your HDTV. Blu-ray disc playback delivers exceptional Full HD 1080p video performance along with stunning hi-definition sound. LG Blu-ray players also play DVDs, so there is no need to replace your old DVD collection. Not only that, DVD Up-Scaling delivers exceptional image quality with 1080p up scaling via HDMI.
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connecting your LG A/V product to the Internet and the world of online content is easy when you have Wi-Fi built in. If you have an existing wireless broadband network, setup is simple, and you don’t need to worry about messy wires.
  • SMART HI-FI-COMPATIBLE Connect your LG Smart Hi-Fi compatible device to your network via Wi-Fi to send music from your CD or USB to LG Music Flow Speakers. Once connected, all of your content will be at your fingertips and easy to control.

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The SEO Book: Search engine optimization 2020, Free SEO Audit incl., Way to Nr. 1, SEO and SEM

What can I expect from this book? 

⭐ Learn how it is possible for websites to rank # 1 on Google. ⭐

  • Easy step by step instructions to significantly increase your Google ranking
  • Free SEO Audit
  • Learn how to increase the visibility of your company & to gain new leads
  • Understand how Google Ranking works. As a result, you need to invest less in paid advertising 

Who is this book for?

The book is suitable for all who:

  • Want to increase their sales
  • Understand how to influence his findability
  • Search for access to new customer groups
  • Want to increase their awareness
  • Is tired of paying a lot of money for advertising
  • Wants to know all google secrets

What does this book include?

This book includes:

  • Insider knowledge about the Google ranking 
  • Expert tips 
  • Free SEO Audit
  • Google Secrets
  • free SEO analysis of your website
  • Competitive SEO methodologies
  • OFF-Page SEO instructions
  • ON-Page SEO instructions 
  • Local SEO
  • Instructions for page speed improvement
  • Presentation of Black Hat SEO
  • Guide to keyword research
  • Guidance for creating structured data
  • Voice SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO benchmarking
  • SEO in combination with social media
  • and much more!

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Elf (Infinifilm Edition)

This hilarious Christmas film tells the tale of a young orphan child who mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts on Christmas Eve and is transported back to the North Pole and raised as an elf. Years later Buddy learns he is not really an elf and goes on a journey to New York City to find his true identity.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:2 commentaries with Will Ferrell & Director
DVD ROM Features
Deleted Scenes
Featurette:Film school for kids Tag along with Will Ferrell How they made the North Pole Kids on Christmas and more!
Elf is genuinely good. Not just Saturday Night Live-movie good, when the movie has some funny bits but is basically an insult to humanity; Elf is a smartly written, skillfully directed, and deftly acted story of a human being adopted by Christmas elves who returns to the human world to find his father. And because the writing, directing, and acting are all genuinely good, Elf is also genuinely funny. Will Ferrell, as Buddy the adopted elf, is hysterically sincere. James Caan, as his rediscovered father, executes his surly dumbfoundedness with perfect aplomb. Zooey Deschanel, as a department store worker with whom Buddy falls in love, is adorably sardonic. Director Jon Favreau (Swingers) shepherds the movie through all the obligatory Christmas cliches and focuses on material that’s sometimes subtle and consistently surprising. Frankly, Elf feels miraculous. Also featuring Mary Steenburgen, Bob Newhart, Peter Dinklage, and Ed Asner as Santa Claus. –Bret Fetzer

Product Features


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LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player, with HDMI Port Bundle (Comes with a 6 Foot HDMI Cable)

Blu-ray player
For high-definition movie playback with resolution up to 5 times greater than DVD. Watch films in stunning high-definition just like you do on the big screen.

Ethernet port
Enables simple wired network connection.

Playable formats

Also supports WMA, AAC, MPEG1 Layer2, MP3, FLAC, LPCM, MPEG2 Layer2, MPEG-1, WMV, MKV, VC-1, AVCHD, MOV, AVC, 3GP, VOB, TS, DAT, FLV, M4V, MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-2 TS, MPEG-4 AVC and MP4 formats.

1 HDMI output
High-speed HDMI cable is the only connection that can deliver a Blu-ray experience with a full 1080p picture and digital surround sound.

Product Features

  • This bundle comes with a 6′ HDMI cable
  • Blu-ray & DVD playback – make the most of your HDTV. Blu-ray Disc playback delivers exceptional Full HD 1080p video performance Along with stunning high-definition sound. Lag Blu-ray players Also play DVDs, so there is no need to replace your old DVD collection. Not only that, DVD up-scaling delivers exceptional image quality with 1080p up scaling via HDMI
  • Streaming Services: CinemaNow, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube
  • Surround Sound Supported: DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD
  • Remote Control Included

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Coding Languages for Absolute Beginners: A complete guide walking you through Python, Java, PHP, and other of the most recommended programming languages for beginners in use today

Java vs Python: do you think it is a rivalry between two superheroes? If you have no idea of what we are talking about, this is definitively the right place to learn more.

Computers have a very different way of communicating and processing data from human beings; we need a programmer to tell them what we are saying in their language.

Programmers and coders use their knowledge of computer languages to develop systems that can provide solutions in almost every area of human life that can accommodate the use of computers. However, before anyone can become a proficient computer or systems developer, he or she needs to understand at least one computer language and coding.

The objective of writing this book is to help beginners to know where they can begin when it comes to coding.

Some of the areas covered in this book include:

  • the meaning of programming, the features and differences between low-level languages and high-level languages, and the origin of computers back to the 1800s to where we are today.

  • the features of the different computer languages, the reasons why it is important to study programming today, and the relationship between coding and programming.

  • the most popular programs in use today, their functions, and the value the end user enjoys.

  • the different computer languages out there, their features, and some of the reasons why developers love them so much.

  • the fundamentals and techniques of the most common coding languages, the best practices that coders and developers abide by when coming up with codes, and explain the role of a compiler.

  • Tips and suggestions on how you can learn to code within the shortest possible time, and the projects you should consider starting with.

Begin your journey in the world of coding languages and make sure you get the most comprehensive map available by clicking on the BUY NOW button!

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Sony Ubp-X800M2 4K UHD Blu-Ray Disc Player

Come home to a picture perfect 4K UHD cinema experience. The upb-x800m2 Blu-ray Disc player Features Dolby Vision and HDR10, high-resolution audio, wide format compatibility, and 4K picture upscaling up to 60P. Dolby Atmos and DTS: x compatibility create an authentic cinema atmosphere, with sound that envelops you in the action. Anti-vibration construction ensures crystal-clear picture and sound.

Product Features

  • See the unrivalled visual clarity of 4K UHD Blu-ray
  • Features Dolby Vision and HDR10 for incredible viewing detail and accuracy
  • Hear more detail with high-resolution audio, Dolby Atmos and DSEE HX
  • Anti-vibration construction for clearer sound
  • Play almost any Disc and file format
  • Stunning picture with 4K upscaling up to 60p
  • In the box: instructions manual, remote control (rmt-vb310u), batteries (Type AAA x 2), customer registration card, card

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Dropshipping Marketing: A Practical Guide for How to Sell and Promote Your E-Commerce Business in 2019 on Shopify, Amazon, Ebay and Much More!

Do you dream of a store that allows you to sell merchandise and products but without physically holding on to any of the inventory?

Dropshipping goods are promoted by means of search engines, marketing platforms, and social media, which charge some remuneration for the service. Even a personal network can be used for this purpose.

Why dropshipping has become such an appealing business model, especially for those who do not have the benefit of having a big funding source to start with at the beginning, is quite obvious.

Eliminating the need for a physical office space or the cost of having to rent a warehouse will cut your business cost significantly, saving you tons of money. With dropshipping, all you will need is an internet connection and a website where you can directly upload and store information about your products or services.

A good understanding of how the supply chain and fulfillment process works is very important if you are planning to run a dropshipping business.

After all, you have to learn how a plane works before you will be able to fly it. That being said, how the supply chain and fulfillment process works is not that hard to understand. There’s a slight variation in the process if you are in the dropshipping industry because of the higher number of key players involved. In this chapter, we are going to discuss these key players and their roles in the supply chain and fulfillment process.

We’ll also discuss them in the context of a dropshipping business model and:

Why a dropshipping shop is much easier than a traditional store

The three fundamental steps to make your dropshipping business work properly

How to eliminate unnecessary costs

What strategies to adopt to promote your business

A step-by-step process to save on promotion costs

Would you like to know more?

If you are really interested in how to promote your dropshipping business and you want to implement as quickly as possible what you will learn with this book…. 

Scroll to the top of the page and select the “Buy Now” button!

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Colorado Nontypical Bull Elk

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YAML: Quick start including data processing and generation with Python and PHP

YAML is a proven data serialization language that has been on the market since 2001. There are also parsers for pretty much all common programming languages.In addition, the overhead is significantly lower than with XML and especially the predefined tags make YAML a bit more flexible because you can define the data type according to the data which makes subsequent testing and conversion of the parsed data unnecessary.That’s why YAML is sometimes better than XML or JSON. In addition, YAML is used by many programs for data storage or configuration files.Still, I YAML very easy to learn and master.We invite you to take a look at this interesting language and to learn how to handle YAML data in Python and PHP …

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Downton Abbey (Movie, 2019) [Blu-ray]

The worldwide phenomenon, Downton Abbey, returns in a spectacular motion picture, as the beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the King and Queen of England unleashes scandal, romance and intrigue that leave the future of Downton hanging in the balance. Written by series creator Julian Fellowes and starring the original cast, this grand cinematic experience will have you cheering for your favorite characters all over again.

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Programming PHP by Tatroe, Kevin, MacIntyre, Peter, Lerdorf, Rasmus 3rd (third) Edition (2/22/2013)

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A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing: SEO – User Experience – Conversion

What would you think if you went to the doctor for an annual physical and he or she only checked your right arm and your left foot? That’s not a full physical, right? There’s a lot more that needs to be done in order to make sure you’re functioning properly — as a whole.

It’s the same with online marketing. It has to be looked at holistically, as one. Yet most of the time this is not the case. Instead, each facet of online marketing is often addressed in a silo, disassociated from the rest. This often results in fractured and ineffective online initiatives that leave organizations feeling frustrated.

A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing provides a global view of online marketing, looking at your website, blog and social media efforts as a whole.

First, we discuss three major disciplines — search engine optimization, user experience and conversion — to give you a solid understanding of what each of these disciplines are, and why they’re important.

Then, we dive into a practical approach on how to APPLY each of these disciplines to your website, blog and social media efforts, respectively. The book is chock-full of actionable steps on how to assess your website, blog and social media — and make meaningful improvements.

“This is a must-read crash course for online marketing. Author Joey Donovan Guido keeps your attention with illustrative stories and entertaining metaphors, while backing up his advice about SEO, user experience and conversion with concrete research. Even digitally-savvy practitioners like myself will find themselves making a list of critical things to improve upon.”

— Drew Neisser, Founder & CEO of Renegade LLC, author, host of Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast

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How Alibaba’s Jack Ma Went From KFC Reject to Asia’s Richest Man

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Avatar: The Last Airbender The Complete Series, 15th Anniversary Limited Edition SteelBook Collection [Blu-ray]

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Four nations. One war-torn world. Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the epic saga, Avatar: The Last Airbender, with this 3 SteelBook collection, featuring all-new art for each book! Go back to the beginning to experience the animated series that quickly became a phenomenon with a huge fan base that spans the globe! This complete collector’s edition includes all three powerful books: Water, Earth, and Fire.

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