PHP MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys)

PHP MCQs has 429 multiple choice questions. PHP quiz questions and answers, MCQs on PHP programming, PHP form, PHP sessions and cookies, PHP array functions, PHP IDE, PHP redirects, PHP code MCQs with answers, error handling, multidimensional arrays, superglobal arrays iteration, logical operators, looping, control structures, PHP serialization, web server logs, PHP string functions and math functions.

PHP programming multiple choice quiz questions and answers, PHP exam revision and study guide with practice tests for online exam prep and interviews. PHP interview questions and answers to ask, to prepare and to study for jobs interviews and career MCQs with answers keys.

  • Advanced array functions in PHP MCQs based quiz has 25 multiple choice questions.
  • Debugging PHP code MCQs has 16 objective questions.
  • Filesystem functions in PHP MCQs has 37 solved competitive exam questions.
  • Passing information using PHP MCQs has 22 multiple practice questions.
  • PHP and math functions MCQ for competitive exam has 12 questions with answers.
  • PHP arrays multiple choice questions has 37 MCQs based exam prep questions.
  • PHP controls structures and functions MCQs has 17 solved questions and answers for job seekers.
  • PHP data types worksheet has 15 jobs interview questions and answers.
  • PHP for beginners MCQs for fresh graduates has 35 multiple choice quiz questions.
  • PHP gotchas and tips subjective test has 15 multiple choice questions and answers.
  • PHP number handling objective test has 32 quiz questions.
  • PHP programming interview questions and answers has 71 MCQs.
  • PHP sessions and cookies worksheets with answers has 22 quiz questions.
  • PHP string functions exam questions and answers has 42 MCQs with answers.
  • Regular expressions with PHP worksheet has 31 jobs interview questions and answers.

PHP jobs’ interview questions and answers, MCQs on advanced string functions, arbitrary precision, assignment and coercion, automatic type conversion, base conversion, basic PHP constructs for OOP, branching, canonical PHP tags, case functions, characters and string indexes, comments, comparison and searching, configuration issues, constants, cookies, creating arrays, creating images using GD, date and time functions, defining your own functions, deleting from arrays, differences, error handling in PHP. escaping functions, exponents and logarithms, file reading and writing functions, filesystem and directory functions, formatting forms variables, function problems, function scope, functions and variable scope, get arguments, hashing using MD5, Heredoc syntax, home grown alternatives, how sessions work in PHP, installation related problems, introspection functions, iteration, logical operators, looping, many extensions, mathematical constants, mathematical operator, network functions, numerical types, OOP styles. overriding functions, parsing errors, Perl-compatible regular expressions, PHP arrays, PHP bugs, PHP coding, PHP error reporting and logging, mailing lists, PHP multidimensional arrays, output function, PHP serialization, PHP sessions, strings, superglobal arrays, PHP variables, post arguments, randomness, regular expressions, rendering problems, retrieving values, sending http headers, server-side scripting, simple mathematical functions, simple session code, simplest weblog, sorting, stacks and queues, substring selection, ternary operator, tokenizing and parsing functions, transformation of arrays, translating between variables and arrays, trigonometry, type round-up, unbound variables, understanding PHP configuration, uses of arrays, using functions, using web server logs, variable numbers of arguments, viewing environment variables, what is object oriented programming worksheets for jobs’ seekers and exams.

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Night of the Living Dead – 50th Anniversary – BD + Digital [Blu-ray]

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Digital Marketing For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle))

Does your digital marketing pack a punch?

Written with the marketer’s best interests in mind, this friendly, down-to-earth guide shows you how to use proven digital marketing strategies and tactics to expand the reach of your brand, increase audience engagement, and acquire and monetize customers. From current best practices in SEO and SEM to the latest ways to effectively use content marketing and influencer marketing—and everything in between—Digital Marketing For Dummies helps you get the most out of all your digital marketing efforts.

What worked in digital marketing just a few years ago is quickly losing relevance as electronic platforms—and the people who use them—continue to evolve. So how do you keep afloat in this fast-paced and ultra-competitive environment? Don’t sweat it! Digital Marketing For Dummies takes the guesswork out of marketing in the digital age, offering the latest tips and techniques for utilizing technology to get your product or services out to the masses. Whether you’re looking to craft a killer campaign from scratch or just want to beef up your social media presence, you’ll find everything you need to meet your business goals—and boost your bottom line.

  • Develop an individually tailored digital marketing campaign
  • Offer an effective lead magnet to convert visitors
  • Keep your audience invested in your brand, products, and services
  • Create a return path with frequent and strategic communication with your customers

If you’re ready to benefit from the latest and greatest digital marketing has to offer, this no-nonsense guide sets you up for success.

Product Features

  • Digital Marketing For Dummies For Dummies Lifestyle

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Web Programming And Internet Technologies: An E-Commerce Approach

Revised and updated with the latest data from the field, Web Programming and Internet Technologies: An E-Commerce Approach, Second Edition continues to feature a hands-on and active learning approach. Written for the one-term web programming course for first or second year students, the Second Edition introduces students to the fundamental techniques of web programming through the continual development of a real-world business example. Students learn the basics of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL and apply their knowledge to construct their own fully functional e-commerce site. New and Key to the Second Edition: • NEW – Updated throughout to include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP • NEW – Includes an introduction to responsive web design • NEW – Includes an introduction to AJAX • USER FAVORITE – Presents a real world case study in each chapter using the example of Nature’s Source, a business that sells health products online. • USER FAVORITE – Each chapter concludes with updated resources to test student comprehension, including Quick Questions to Test Your Basic Knowledge, Short Exercises to Improve Your Basic Understanding, Exercises on the Parallel Project, and What Else You May Want or Need to Know. • UPDATED – Instructor Resources including slides in PowerPoint format, answers to the end-of-chapter questions, and an expanded Test Bank. Every new, printed copy is packaged with a full suite of ancillary resources, including Navigate 2 Advantage Access that benefits BOTH the student and the Instructor! With Navigate 2, technology and content combine to expand the reach of your classroom. Whether you teach an online, hybrid, or traditional classroom-based course, Navigate 2 delivers unbeatable value. Experience Navigate 2 today at Click here for Errata –

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It (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Combo Pack)

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Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing

A visual approach to the power of SEO marketing from a world-renowned Internet marketing expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-growing and powerful form of online marketing that allows business to grow in a faster, more cost-effective way by increasing traffic and visibility to a Web site. This updated resource remains the only book of its kind to take a visual approach to the essential component of maximizing the effective marketing strategies that SEO provides.

Packed with more than 600 screen shots, top Internet marketing expert Kristopher Jones explores search-engine marketing principles such as keyword generation, on-site optimization specifically regarding Web site structure, internal linking, URL structure, and content creation, and much more.

  • Presenting the only known book on the market that takes a visual approach to the powerful and growing form of SEO marketing
  • Covers the increasing role of social media Web sites as well as the convergence that is occurring between paid and organic search-engine marketing
  • Offers you a strong foundation for developing successful SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing, Second Edition captures the immense potential of SEO and delivers it to you in a visually understandable way.

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How to Maintain Your Auto Safe

There is absolutely nothing even more aggravating compared to going back to your automobile to locate it has actually been vandalized, burglarized, or perhaps worse, taken entirely. Not just is it irritating, however likewise troublesome as well as intrusive – it’s never ever a great sensation to recognize somebody has actually been with your individual items without your approval. Besides having extensive cars and truck insurance policy, there are some basic pointers you could make use of to reduce the effect of having your vehicle being burglarized or swiped. Contact valet parking service nj for your parking needs.

Car parking

Your vehicle is regularly in jeopardy; however where you park your cars and truck could considerably reduce the possibility of burglary or burglary. If you park your auto at the train or bus terminal, attempt to arrive previously to ensure that the vehicle is not left at the rear of the parking area. This will certainly minimize the possibilities for a mischief-maker or burglar making an action without being captured. This idea could additionally be used in shopping center parking area and also various other public rooms. The even more task that is taking place about your cars and truck, the much less most likely it is that a person will certainly gamble to harm your lorry.

Get rid of Lure

It’s not simply the vehicle itself that is a target to burglars – it’s additionally the materials inside. Navigating systems, cell phones, purses, sunglasses, DVD’s, CD’s, iPod’s as well as clothes are commonly preferred products that are reported stolen from automobiles. To stay clear of shattered home windows as well as missing out on individual products, eliminate them from view. Positioning them in the cars and truck boot or taking them from the vehicle entirely will certainly quit opportunistic burglars.

Lotte Berk Method For Beginners – Muscle Eats Fat

The Lotte Berk Method has been called the ultimate body transformation system. For over three decades this no-nonsense, results oriented fitness method has been available exclusively at Lotte Berk Method studios in Manhattan and Bridgehampton, New York. A best-selling book and hundreds of articles have featured and praised these special exercises, but now for the very first time, the world famous Lotte Berk Method is available in a series of effective home video workouts. Former school teacher and tax lobbyist Lydia Bach developed the Method while training with Russian dancer Lotte Berk at her Rehabilitative Exercise studio in London. The Lotte Berk Method combines elements from modern & classical dance, orthopedic back exercises, and Hatha yoga into a highly sensual and satisfying fitness system.

The Lotte Berk Method is a low-impact extraordinarily effective program that firms, lengthens and shapes muscles to their optimal form! Its system of concentrated movements and deep muscle conditioning was designed to make each woman get her best body – miraculously fast. The Lotte Berk Method will make you feel great and help you discover a new level of confidence and vitality.

Nothing is more unattractive than a flabby weak body. The only way to reduce flat is to burn calories and nothing burns calories better than strong muscles. In fact, healthy toned muscles will burn calories 24 hours a day – even when you are at rest! The Lotte Berk Method teaches you targeted exercises that will work poorly toned, unused muscles, particularly in your thighs and abdomen. From your first workout you will begin to create strong, toned muscles and burn calories. The results will look and feel fabulous!

Special Features

– Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound
– Interactive Full Motion Menus
– Chapter Selections
– Workout to Music with Narration
– Bonus Trailers
– One Bonus Workout
– Photo Gallery

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Core PHP Programming: Using PHP to Build Dynamic Web Sites (2nd Edition)

PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language that borrows the best ideas from Java, Perl, and C — while enabling you to get started in minutes, and build significant scripts almost immediately thereafter. Already supported on Apache and many other Web servers, PHP is completely open-source — and extraordinarily productive. Core PHP Programming is the first complete, readable, and practical guide to PHP, containing all you need to get results — including PHP source code for several top Web server platforms. Discover how PHP works with a Web server, and why it’s superior to other server-side scripting environments. Master PHP syntax, including variables, operators, expressions, control statements, functions, arrays, classes, and more. Review every PHP function, including I/O, data, and math functions; time, date, and configuration functions; and both image and database functions. Understand sorting, searching, parsing, and string evaluation; then walk step-by-step through three Web/database integration applications, including building HTML tables from SQL queries; tracking visitors; and storing content in a database. You’ll find chapters on integrating PHP with HTML; program design; optimization and debugging, and much more.Revised for PHP version 4, the new edition of Core PHP Programming is a comprehensive tutorial and reference to one of today’s hottest scripting languages. Part tutorial and part reference, this book will get beginners started with PHP, as well as provide a convenient desktop resource for more experienced PHP developers.

Early sections show what PHP is and how it works, with basic data types, flow control, and other topics you’ll need to get started. But the heart of the book is a full reference to PHP 4 functions. Organized by topic, this text provides over 400 pages of reference to several hundred PHP calls, along with a description of what they do. Clearly organized and presented, this book will help you find what you need quickly (instead of relying on PHP’s often cumbersome online help). In particular, readers will appreciate the coverage of database functions, including the separate calls for MySQL, ODBC, and Oracle. You’ll also see what PHP can do with XML.

The last part of the book reverts to tutorial mode, first with a section on algorithms that discusses ways to sort and search PHP arrays. Final sections look at some strategies you can use to integrate PHP into the software design process, in which the strategies of combining HTML content with dynamic PHP scripts are shown. There is also useful advice for increasing performance with PHP. (It would seem that upgrading to PHP 4 is a must, because the new version offers a real performance boost.)

PHP is clearly a popular choice for Web applications today. If you buy just one book on PHP, consider Core PHP Programming. It offers an approachable tutorial that will put basic PHP script development into the hands of beginners, and provides a useful reference for everyday development once you’ve gotten a handle on how to use it. –Richard Dragan

Topics covered:

  • History and introduction to PHP
  • Installing PHP on Apache/Unix and IIS/NT
  • PHP script basics
  • PHP language tutorial (including data types, variables, and operators)
  • Flow control statements
  • PHP functions (arguments, recursion, and dynamic function calls)
  • Single and multidimensional arrays
  • PHP classes
  • Creating Web pages in PHP
  • Environment variables
  • File uploads and file I/O
  • PHP session management
  • PHP function reference
  • I/O functions (including files and compressed files, session handling, network I/O, and FTP)
  • Data functions (including arrays, hashing, strings, and regular expressions)
  • Mathematical functions
  • Date and time functions
  • Image functions
  • Database functions (including support for MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, and Postgres)
  • Miscellaneous functions (including XML functions)
  • Algorithms for sorting and searching in PHP
  • Parsing and tokenizing strings
  • Database programming how-to
  • Authenticating
  • Sending e-mail
  • Software engineering basics with PHP
  • Integrating PHP and HTML
  • Using CVS for version control
  • Optimization hints

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Live At Pompeii [Blu-ray]

Live At Pompeii is the project from David Gilmour, and follows his critically acclaimed studio album Rattle That Lock from September of 2015. Live at Pompeii is available in multiple formats: a 2 CD live album, a standard DVD and Blu-Ray concert film, a Deluxe Boxset including the 2 CD live album and 1 Blu-Ray of the entire live concert and bonus content, and a special 4 LP Vinyl package. Live At Pompeii is also available digitally.

Following the release of Rattle That Lock in 2015, David Gilmour set out to play a series of concerts in historic venues across the world. On July 7th and 8th, 2016, David Gilmour performed two spectacular shows at the legendary Pompeii Amphitheatre in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, 45 years after he first played there for Adrian Maben’s classic film Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii. The concerts were the first-ever rock performances played to an audience in the ancient Roman amphitheatre, which was built in 90 BC and entombed in ash when Vesuvius erupted in AD 79. David Gilmour is the only performer to play to an audience in the arena since the time of the gladiators, almost 2,000 years ago.

Speaking about the Pompeii shows David Gilmour commented ‘It’s a magical place and coming back and seeing the stage and the arena was quite overwhelming. It’s a place of ghosts…’.

The concert performance film, David Gilmour Live at Pompeii, was shot in 4k by director Gavin Elder and includes highlights from both shows. The concert is a spectacular audio-visual experience, featuring the famous huge circular cyclorama screen as well as lasers, pyrotechnics and stellar performances from an all-star band. The film includes songs from throughout David’s career including the title tracks of his two most recent No. 1 solo albums: Rattle That Lock and On An Island. Also included are other solo and Pink Floyd classics such as ‘Wish You Were Here,’ ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘One Of These Days,’ the only song that was also performed by the band in 1971. Both concerts also saw extraordinary performances of ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ from The Dark Side Of The Moon, which David rarely plays as a solo artist.

1.5 A.M.
2.Rattle That Lock
3.Faces Of Stone
4.What Do You Want From Me
5.The Blue
6.The Great Gig In The Sky
7.A Boat Lies Waiting
8.Wish You Were Here
10.In Any Tongue
11.High Hopes

1.One Of These Days
2.Shine On You Crazy Diamond
3.Fat Old Sun
4.Coming Back To Life
5.On An Island
8.Run Like Hell
9.Time/Breathe (In The Air) (reprise)
10.Comfortably Numb
11.Documentary: Pompeii Then And Now Doc

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UNIX: The Complete Reference, Second Edition (Complete Reference Series)

The Definitive UNIX Resource–Fully Updated

Get cutting-edge coverage of the newest releases of UNIXincluding Solaris 10, all Linux distributions, HP-UX, AIX, and FreeBSDfrom this thoroughly revised, one-stop resource for users at all experience levels. Written by UNIX experts with many years of experience starting with Bell Laboratories, UNIX: The Complete Reference, Second Edition provides step-by-step instructions on how to use UNIX and take advantage of its powerful tools and utilities.

Get up-and-running on UNIX quickly, use the command shell and desktop, and access the Internet and e-mail. You’ll also learn to administer systems and networks, develop applications, and secure your UNIX environment. Up-to-date chapters on UNIX desktops, Samba, Python, Java Apache, and UNIX Web development are included.

  • Install, configure, and maintain UNIX on your PC or workstation
  • Work with files, directories, commands, and the UNIX shell
  • Create and modify text files using powerful text editors
  • Use UNIX desktops, including GNOME, CDE, and KDE, as an end user or system administrator
  • Use and manage e-mail, TCP/IP networking, and Internet services
  • Protect and maintain the security of your UNIX system and network
  • Share devices, printers, and files between Windows and UNIX systems
  • Use powerful UNIX tools, including awk, sed, and grep
  • Develop your own shell, Python, and Perl scripts, and Java, C, and C++ programs under UNIX
  • Set up Apache Web servers and develop browser-independent Web sites and applications

Product Features

  • UNIX The Complete Reference Second Edition

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Naturally, Delicious: 100 Recipes for Healthy Eats That Make You Happy

Danny Seo, America’s leading sustainable lifestyle guru and founder/editor-in-chief of Naturally, Danny Seo magazine, creates a cookbook filled with more than 100 recipes for preparing healthy, easy, organic meals.

In his wildly popular new magazine, Naturally, Danny Seo, editor-in-chief Danny Seo presents a modern and stylish take on green living, and in his first cookbook, he extends that fresh approach into the kitchen.  Naturally, Delicious will show home cooks that preparing healthy, delicious food on a daily basis doesn’t have to feel like an expensive, time-consuming chore. By following Danny’s emphasis on clever kitchen hacks, kitchen efficiency strategies, and eye-catching presentations, readers will be able to create simple, delicious meals with minimal effort and time, making eating heathfully and well a sustainable practice anyone can introduce to their everyday routine.

Product Features

  • Naturally Delicious 100 Recipes for Healthy Eats That Make You Happy

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PHP: The Complete Reference (Programming & Web Dev – OMG)

Your One-Stop Guide to Web Development with PHP–Covers PHP 5.2

Build dynamic, cross-browser Web applications with PHP–the server-side programming language that’s taken the Internet by storm. Through detailed explanations and downloadable code examples, this comprehensive guide shows you, step-by-step, how to configure PHP, create PHP-enabled Web pages, and put every advanced development tool to work.

PHP: The Complete Reference explains how to personalize the PHP work space, define operators and variables, manipulate strings and arrays, deploy HTML forms and buttons, and process user input. You’ll learn how to access database information, track client-side preferences using cookies, execute FTP and e-mail transactions, and publish your applications to the Web. You’ll also get in-depth coverage of PHP’s next-generation Web 2.0 design features, including AJAX, XML, and RSS.

  • Install PHP and set up a customized development environment
  • Work with variables, operators, loops, strings, arrays, and functions
  • Integrate HTML controls, text fields, forms, radio buttons, and checkboxes
  • Accept and validate user-entered data from Web pages
  • Simplify programming using PHP’s object-oriented tools
  • Build blogs, guest books, and feedback pages with server-side file storage
  • Write MySQL scripts that retrieve, modify, and update database information
  • Set cookies, perform FTP transactions, and send e-mails from PHP sessions
  • Build AJAX-enabled Web pages
  • Draw graphics on the server
  • Create XML components and add RSS feeds

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Halloweentown / Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge (Double Feature)

Join Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) and her grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) as they stir up a cauldron full of comedy and adventure in two Disney Channel classics — HALLOWEENTOWN and HALLOWEENTOWN II: KALABAR’S REVENGE. On her 13th birthday, Marnie learns she’s a witch, discovers a secret portal and is transported to HALLOWEENTOWN — a magical place where ghosts and ghouls, witches and werewolves live apart from the human world. but she soon finds herself battling wicked warlocks, evil curses and endless surprises. HALLOWEENTOWN Double Feature will charm pixies, trolls and families everywhere every day of the year.In a place called Halloweentown, good and evil look very different than one might expect. Thanks to a visit from Grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds), Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) and her family’s tradition of ignoring the Halloween holiday are about to change in the extreme. It seems that Marnie’s mother Gwen (Judith Hoag) has been hiding a big secret from her three children–all of them possess supernatural powers. Now that it’s Marnie’s thirteenth birthday, she must begin her training as a witch or lose her powers forever. While Gwen wants nothing more than to see her children grow up as “normal” humans, Grandmother Aggie and Marnie have other ideas. A brewing crisis between good and evil in the alternate world Halloweentown soon pulls the entire family through a portal and into an intense battle against ghouls, goblins and the warlock Kalabar (Robin Thomas). Halloweentown II takes place two years after Halloweentown and finds Kalabar’s son bent on revenge. Marnie has matured as a witch, but her powers are pushed to the limit in a desperate effort to triumph over an evil curse in order to save Halloweentown, her family and the human world. This is good Disney Halloween fun with nice costuming and special effects, a wholesome message about the power of family, cooperation and perseverance, and ghouls that, though creepy looking, aren’t likely to inspire nightmares in younger family members. (Ages 5 and older) –Tami Horiuchi

Product Features

  • Factory sealed DVD

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Baby Driver (Blu-ray + UltraViolet)

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Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day

Back and bracing as ever, Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day, Second Edition offers brisk advice, bite-sized tasks, and smart tools to help you increase visibility for your website on the major search engines. In this new edition of their bestselling how-to guide, SEO consultants Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin offer surprisingly easy do-it-yourself techniques as well as the very latest SEO strategies for small, very small, and large businesses, as well as for bloggers and web designers.

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Json for Beginners: Your Guide to Easily Learn Json In 7 Days

Are You Ready To Learn JSON Easily?

This book contains the steps, strategies, and techniques you need to learn, explore, and use JSON, the preferred and standard data format of the web. It was conceptualized and developed to provide beginners and web developers a comprehensive training that will help them master JSON in as short as one day. What is JSON and why should you learn it? JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. A subset of JavaScript, it is a way of storing information in an organized manner. It provides human readable data that can be accessed easily and logically. JSON facilitates data transfer between a server and a web application. The JSON format is used to serialize and transmit structured data over the internet. Its simplicity and flexibility allows it to be used across applications, programming languages, and framework. JSON is a lightweight text-only format that can be easily transferred to and from a server. While it is strongly associated with JavaScript, JSON is a language-independent format that is popularly used in modern programming languages such as Python, PERL, Java, Ruby, and PHP. You’ll typically find built-in functions, methods, or workaround that allow these programming languages to utilize JSON.

Here Is What You’ll Learn After Downloading This JSON Programming Book:


What Are You Waiting For?

Start Coding with JSON Right Now!

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The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Tenth Season [Blu-ray]


The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Tenth Season (BD+Digital Copy)


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Search Engine Optimization Made (Stupidly) Easy

Discover the Secrets to Making Money With SEO! Not sure how to navigate your way through all those backlinks, title tags and keywords to boost your marketing efforts? Want to know how to use SEO to spread your message, build your brand…and make some frickin’ moolah? Looking for a NO B.S. and super-simple guide to this profitable (though often confounding) online strategy? Worry not! Because in “SEO Made (Stupidly) Easy” you’l find out: • Why Everything You Know About SEO is Wrong • Why Your Website Sucks at SEO • How to Get Backlinks That Don’t Suck • Building Credibility on the Social Media Train • Standing on the Shoulders of SEO Giants …and so much more! And each chapter includes easy-to-follow action steps to help you boost your Search Engine Optimization marketing game – without taking a single $2,000 online course. So, why not begin your quest to Search Engine Optimization awesomeness…today!

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Red Green, DVD* (*Duct Tape Virtuoso Deluxe)

All duct tape, all the time! red offers valuable tips on the magical silver stuff in this special tribute with never before seen footage.Innovative handyman Red Green is proud to announce his first DVD, and while admitting that he doesn’t understand the technology, he chooses to mark the occasion with a tribute to duct tape, that endlessly useful substance he terms “the handyman’s secret weapon.” In the course of the program, Green (ably portrayed by Canadian comedian Steve Smith) demonstrates projects that are one part Rube Goldberg and many parts duct tape. Some of the gags are elaborate and inspired, such as a bit about a pontoon boat you can make by stripping the heat ducts from your house (“don’t forget to replace them before winter”), taping them all together, and adding an outboard motor as a finishing touch. The humor of all this is an acquired taste, and those who just don’t get it would probably have to be duct taped to the television to watch Red Green. But if you enjoy this sort of offbeat humor, Duct Tape Virtuoso Deluxe is a treat. How else could you learn to make construction equipment from a stepladder and a Thigh-Master? Who else would teach you how to make a paddlewheel riverboat by taping together parts of a junked van? Only Red Green, who also thoughtfully provides tips on using all those empty duct-tape rolls to make holders for the many bottles in your “beer cellar.” Bonus material on the DVD includes a trip to the actual largest duct-tape plant in the world (which Red proudly notes is “right here in Canada”), and a segment shot at a gathering of fanatical Red Green fans who show off their own duct-tape creations. –Robert J. McNamara

Product Features

  • Factory sealed DVD

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